Fallen Hero

I have a V’amp for the bass, using echo and a little compression.
And a digitech genisis 3 (think Mr Airs knows this unit) I use 3 dif effects most of the time.
triplets (octives) for the lowend power stuff, Synth for that dreamy center break sound, and just a ballzie hot dialup for the leads, using a marshall with 4, 10s… and a cry baby wa from the digitech. I switch amps alot.
Sometimes little fenders with 2, 12’’.
For a more bluesy sound.
I picked them because they where less expensive but still very good for a desktop.
You could use them live as a glorified stomp box.
But you would have to keep a close eye on them.
Could fall off an amp etc.

Ok, got two for no drums at the lead in. Appreciate the input.

Intro is all over the place tempo-wise. Really crisp high end - really different style for you compared to your other stuff.

Man that was a pretty bad mix y’all where listening to.
I had no idea that the guitars where so hight in vol towards the end.
Apt living and mixin.
But with each mix one gets better at it.
Just put up a new mix. Beta 09

I compromised on the intro; took out the Indian war dance floor tom but kept the base drum.
I also found an overlapping floor tom that was adding to that count confusion.
Now it’s just simply hard to figure but it’s all tight.

I might add a vocal some time.
Thx for listening Pkw. This mix doesn’t have the hi’s of the last.
I like to listen to it as it would sond on stage
100& just up to the red.
And the hi’s where distorting at that vol.
Sounded cool at low vol. But anyway this new mix should have it covered.

Lot’s better - I hear the Indian ‘thing’ about it now interestingly without the toms on the


Likes it now. :agree:
Those low toms on the right sound awesome. Save those presets!

Thx PA, However it’s got a new problem.
I doubled on the bass track to make one to cut through on laptops and another for a bigger bottom for normal systems.
Sounds like one of the tracks got moved.

I’m also hearing some pitch incorrectness from the bass.
Is it possible that I unintentionally triggered the maytrex pitch correcter (or how ever that’s spelled) and inanvertantly changed the pitch on a few notes?
Or will that only work on midi files?
With lanes you have different editing rules now.
Don’t know exactly what they are yet :) but I think if one moves to fast for n, while editing, it might be possible to create an unexpected response from n?
Other than what we experienced a few months ago, and over the past decade.

Like highlighting for noid correcting, but instead the area doesn’t hightlight but something else gets triggered or moved with out one realizing it? Just curious.

It is possible Levi - I haven’t heard the shifts mentioned - is it posted that way?

the matrix pitch could have done it if you were in it, although I’d think you’d have noticed it. I don’t think it could be unintentionally triggered without you seeing all the new tracks, but I have not ran it through the mill yet either.

I gonna put this song in the chop shop :)


It’s amazing how fast 5 chocolate chip cookies can dissapear!