remx and all

New mix, new drums.
Do you think the drums fall off to much at the end?

I was hopin’ for some of those hip hop beats there old boy!

I think the snare needs a little more punch in parts (just my opinion) apart from that the drums seem cool.

I’d have liked a little more top end guitar at the beginning, but as this really isn’t my genre I can’t comment other than that!



really isn't my genre I can't comment other than that

I dunno what say about it either - heavy effects - I just have no clue.

lol hiphop,
I’m might supprise you with some expiment beats or kits :wink:
Hey welcome back Craig, hope you had a great time!
Thx for the input.
I hear ya and I know I have more work to do on it!
I noticed that one can’t use a volume draw on midi tracks.
Or is there something wrong with build 2461 regarding that?
I’ll listen for lack of punch and dial up a little more hi’end guitar for the beginning.
For Hero build03,

:laugh: It's ok PkW, just consider me a wild child! :agree:

Ok have a new kit with an awesome kick and snare. Lets get something strait here.
I give honest opinions to help you make your songs better not to be popular, but to help you.
And you know your garenas might not be my cup o joe but I still try to help in an honest way.
Now if you don’t start paying me back with your honest remarks to help my songs be the best they can be.
You’ll see a drop in your member rating lol and your going to loose my help.

So be brave and ambishous and step up to the plate.
Ange and Craig, you two are excluded, thx 4 ur help.
No lame excuses, and no bs pls.
:laugh: Now if I didn’t already respect you, I wouldn’t ask.

I am being honest when I say - I just dunno by the way.
That aside, there are timing problems on the intro that are distracting for me - when it settles in in spots it gets better.
I liked the original you posted a long time ago. Some better drum licks in this one though.


there are timing problems on the intro that are distracting for me

There's something about how the intro and the the main body of the song come together. I don't know if muting the guitar in the intro at 11 seconds into the song will fix it, but that's the only "easy fix" I can think to try. Other than that, it's a cool sounding instrumental.

Gotta agree with the timing thing in the beginning Levi, don’t know what to do with it tho.

Don’t know about the eqing but the highs seem to be only on the left side too. Right side seems muffled or something. Maybe the guitar is pushing the highs out of the right side mix? dunno.

Thx guys appreciate the points.
Actually the timing is correct.
The roll intro on the drums end where the downbeat for the next measure starts along with the bass.
There are a couple confusing things I think.
I added a new bass part that is full of energy in that section.
And I left the first note of the guitar out there.
So the bass and drums of the downbeat are at one.
If I play the c note on one with the guitar, as a step up from c, to d, it makes more sense.
IT’s a little easier to understand and works ok in the hook.
The two cymbol hits are clashing with the two guitar clicks (background guitar stuff). I think that is probably throwing it off.
To much happening at the same tiny space with one of the two off a little.
I’ll see what I can do about that. Will check fro hi’s on the R, see if I can add some sparkle there.
R y’all using outboard monitors or headphones on that?
I’ll probably ask again after the next upload, to see if it makes more sense to the trained ear. Thx a bunch.

I’ve always likeed it when seeing a band live, (progressive kind) and they would start a song with off beats that where a little confusing and then blended together.
That always gave me kind of a rush.
I know that isn’t happening here and that’s ok. But I have another one comming pretty soon that definitely does that.

Darn imagine that, y’all where right!
The guitar intro was out o sink, must have gotten moved on the track.
Guess I was to preoccupied with the middle and end. So soddy!
I O U lunch an dancing girls!
Will re upload asap, I mean later. :laugh:

Lunch and a dancing girl? Yeah, I can live with that. :p

Quote: (kevinmyers @ Mar. 06 2009, 8:44 PM)

Lunch and a dancing girl? Yeah, I can live with that. :p

:agree: Oh at least one.
I liked your idea of removin the guitar clicks at 11.

I'll continue to tailor it here and there.

Without being able to download it and see it - I think the timing would be a simple ‘S’ splice and nudge on the bass track on the left. If you still have a solid BPM grid it would be a simple fix.

what would mozart say about your ‘solid BPM grid’?
or chubby checker, or chet atkins, for that matter?

for shame. look what we’ve become: lazy to the Nth degree.

where’s that #&^#@ DVD remote?

Well JDET I can’t speak for ‘em but, I have a feelin’ half of the old timers would appreciate a grid and out of them half would want to use it. Especially the ‘technicians’ among the crowd. Not to mention the perfectionists. Then there are the ones that would grab their crotch and say “I got your grid right here buddy. Snap to this!” (Jerry Lee Lewis comes to mind.)

there’s just something disconcerting about snapping things, grabbing crotches and 13-year-old cousins.

You have a God given talent for summizing. :laugh:

yeah, i can take almost anyone’s well-though-out and well-reasoned line of thinking and twist the @^#% out of it to the point of irrelevance and insanity. i learned it from the ex; it’s her lasting legacy.