FAQ Page?


You know, and I’m not the one to do it… this forum really needs a Gerneral Recording FAQ sticky. Not just as pertains to n-Track, but for recording in general. Now I realize there are lots of sites to go to about this on the 'net, but it would be very handy for new users to be able to just get directed over to a sticky at the top of the Thread headings and get some primer info.

Cakewalk has a real good one- which I’d recommend going to see. I am here at the n-Track site because I like n-Track better than Sonar… but those guys really do have their thing together. It’s also a pretty huge forum, so there are more folks there to do it, but still…

The WIKI is fine, but I’m believing a FAQ would be a worthy addition. We could take out a frustration factor for newbies and forgetful old fecks like myself.

Or is this just seen as unnecessary?

There is a n-Track FAQ in the Wiki (top one on the list). Unfortunately, there are 10 categories under and a gazillion entries under that. That could be a bit daunting for a newby.

Are you suggesting the older style FAQ with everything on one page? That could be handy file on my computer in cases when I am recording where the internet is unavailable (which does happen occasionally).


Sloom, do you have a link to that Cakewalk FAQ for us to look at?

Here’s a link to the one on the Sonar Home Studio forum- pretty basic info, but the linkage therein is very handy, and can keep you reading for quite a while:



And here’s a link to the “Newbies” forum at Homerecording.com, just to check out the topics mostly covered under such a heading…


Excellent links Sloom. A lot to digest there. (now if you could find me some time so I could read all that… )

Back to your original question, wouldn’t it make more sense to have a page of links like these to point a newby (and non-newbys as well) rather than make up a FAQ? Just a thought.

Well there you go- I suppose we’re into it. Yeah, that’s a fine idea, and a lot less work (as none of us seem to have any time!).

The only thing I really dig about a FAQ is that it makes severyone look like they know what they’re doing… :D

Like the definition of an expert
X - in mathematics "unknown"
Spirt - drip under pressure
So and expert is an unknown drip under pressure.

:laugh: I love Old-Yankee-type common sense!