Farm Implement Dealers-Where are customers?

Just recently moved to a small town after spending the last 15 years in a fairly large metro area. I have always noticed farm implement dealers because there is nothing really as cool as a tractor. But now I drive past a couple of farm implement dealers daily on my way to work. This is the deal. I don’t think that I have ever seen a customer in one of these places. I am almost 53 and have never seen a customer in a farm implement dealer or a worker either. Do they really sell stuff there, if so when?

My mother who is almost 87 say Grandpa used to go to the implement dealer once in a while, but I never saw that happen.

Have any of you ever seen a customer, been on the grounds of an impliment dealer or more extraordinary, ever bought something at one?

Bought a sled at one once. They sell a lot of tractors, I guess. :)

They are usually pretty busy around here in the late winter/early spring months when the farmers are getting ready to plant. Then again during harvest time. It’s a very competetive business and a lot of those roadside dealers you see ship implements all over the place. Whatever it takes to survive I guess…


So they aren’t secret government silos?

Quote (Doug W @ Oct. 20 2005,12:11)
So they aren't secret government silos?

Oh, well, I'm not at liberty to say, you know.

Pssst! Hey Doug? Grandpa was MIB dude. Don’t tell yer mom. :D


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there is nothing really as cool as a tractor.


Doug, farm implement dealers are actually members of the Agricultural Implement Corporation, the A.I.C.

Play around with the letters for a wee moment, and see if that answers your question. :D

I knew it!


Quote (Doug W @ Oct. 19 2005,19:57)
there is nothing really as cool as a tractor.


Well didn’t you think driving a tractor was almost as cool as being a fireman when you were a kid?..

I saw bright lights at tractor supply whilst getting some kentucky 31 seed, 2 men in black said don’t report this. As it turned out it was only Sam Jones bringing in his Farmall for service and wuz running his night lights on the top. The 2 men in black were actually members of B.O.C. just having fun! :p

Tractor: That thing in the UK which ensures that long lines of traffic drive along safely and serenely at a steady 5 MPH. :D

Anyway, many years ago when I lived in Somerset, I was up the end of the garden doing a bit of digging with my new (and quite expensive) stainless steel spade.

The old farmer in the field behind was also out, dragging a harrow behind his tractor. He sometimes stopped for a chat and the occasional swig of his home made cider.

And he did so that day:

“I see you got yoursell a new spade there then” he said.

“yep” I replied, holding it up proudly.

“Listen Ali me boy” he said as he drove away, “don’t you ever buy a agricultural implement what ain’t got no seat on it!” :D

Hey T. Guy… just out of curiosity how do you folks across the pond pronounce “harrow”? Here in the southeast USA I have always heard “Well, gotta go hitch up the cuttin’ “HAR” and do some plowin’!” HAR rhymes with BAR. How do you guys say it?

TG – “G” is for George as in Curious George ???

Tg, I don’t think the ‘redneck dictionary’ is available in Europe yet. :)

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Tg, I don't think the 'redneck dictionary' is available in Europe yet. :)

Thats a d@#n shame! :D :D


Guess I’ll ‘Gitonouttayeer’ and head ‘Overyonder’ :D

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'Overyonder' :D

Hahaha !! That's Sean :laugh: .
Yo, Sean, where are you ? :cool:
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Guess I'll 'Gitonouttayeer' and head 'Overyonder' :D

Ya' ever been a fer piece overyonder Yaz? :D


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