Fasoft forum members left unprotected....

OK I just HAD to post this one…


- Fasoft "Anything Goes" forum

(AP) -

In a tragic sequence of events the Fasoft "Anything Goes" forum is left unprotected and threatened by "Right Wing smear mongers". The ensuing panic resulted in peace and quiet and discussions concerning music, cows and Beatle conspiracy theories. Some concern has been raised over the absence of forum member "Mr. Soul". With Mr. Soul's absence the threat of a "shifting to the Right" is a serious concern. Therefore the FFCPB (Fasoft Forum Coalition for Political Balance) has raised the "Righty Tighty Alert Level" to ORANGE.

Use extra caution while browsing.

Hurry back Mr. Soul! :D :D :D


Quote (nergle @ Feb. 21 2005,15:20)
Good for you Flavio, if someone hates n-track to that extent, then he can bugger off elsewhere. :D


Agreed. Wanking about a one in a zillion graphic problem? Come on.... n-Track is GREAT software at a VERY reasonable price. So far, I have ran n-Track on four different machines with wildly varying chipsets, video cards, etc... I guess I've just been lucky? I dunno...I think n-Track would be a bargain at twice the price. (Don't get any ideas Flavio!) :D


What are you talking about? I haven’t seen Flav’s post, i guess.


Last page LAST post. HERE


Gotcha. Thanks, TG. Yeah, Flav can be amazingly patient. He’s put up with a lotta stuff over the years.


Yep. More so than I. PLUS did not delete the thread. Just closed and locked it. I’d probably have wacked it myself…


Has Toker gone? Linkage?

Flav is a class act, no doubt.

Not sure about Toker, Willy. I haven’t been around much lately.


Quote (Willy @ Feb. 22 2005,15:46)
Has Toker gone? Linkage?

"Toker" is now "MrSoul" and is currently skiing with his family. In the meantime, we are free to rag on the liberals all we like without fear (right!) of rebuttal. :laugh:

Where’s IDOODIT_SLAPPER when you need him?

I betcha he’s slapping SUMTHIN… ??? ???


Oh my…

Way to go Flavio!

And John, I’m watching for the right wing, crash and burn! :D :D :D