Fast Track Ultra - how to record to separate track

Records as one track stereo, need 2 mono

I used n-Track with an M-Audio Duo extensively several years ago and recorded and mixed two CDs.
I’ve recently purchased a Mac and re-purchased n-track and would like to record some more.

Now have a Fast Track Ultra, USB with 4 input channels.

I have plugged in a mic to channel 1 and my guitar pickup to channel 2.
N-track always puts them as L and R on the same track. How do I split them up into two stereo tracks?

Please help!
I’ve got two buddies coming over tomorrow to record a demo for my new trio. I thought this would be easy but I"m stumped already!

Thanks much!

OK, I figured it out.
Settings -> Soundcard’s Settings -> Recording Format

And click "Stereo to two mono Tracks"

The thing that was throwing me was I did this and it kept reseting to Stereo.
I had to delete all the channels before it would take.