Fatal error

Drum tracks don’t like me

Hello all, using the demo version and was exploring all the great features when alas I stumbled into the drum tract, went to the help menu and got the dreaded serius error message and automatic shutdown. I really like this program the more i use it and can live without the drum tool but before I buy it I am concerned that there might be some other land mines hiding out somewhere, any thoughts ?

Jump in, bobr. n-Track drums does have it’s curiosities, but I don’t think it was a crasher for me, so that issue may lie elswhere. Have a good root around the hot topics for a rundown. This place is rammed with info from some amazing minds and any probs you may have are sortable. Flavio listens to n-T village.

As for land mines - like with everything else on this planet - you’ve gotta look where you’re goin’