Fatal error

I get a fatal blue screen error every time I try to exit the n-track version 4. Does anyone know what this is and can it be fixed. Hello to everyone by the way.
bon :cool:

A blue screen usually means it’s down in kernel mode – that would be a driver problem of some sort.

You haven’t given us much to go on, except the symptom. Do it happen if you just run n-Tracks and exit without doing anything else? If not see if you can find what ticks it off…a specific song file…wave…so action when editing.

What’s you hardware specifics? I assume this never happened in earlier versions of n-Tracks on your machine, because if the way you mention V4 specifically. Does the problem go away if you revert to V3.3, or whatever version you were running before?

Or is V4 you first time with n-Tracks? If so make sure you have all your drivers up to date. Older drivers can cause all kinds of unexpected problems. This includes video drivers and BIOS versions.

Hello to you! :D