FAWM 2010 thread


song #1 is posted;

“We Are Family FAWM 2010”:




Excellent tune! I love how the lyrics are kinda meta…meta… like you’re talking about the contest inside the contest, This is the first one, hope you’ll come through,

I’ve always want to use that chord like you do in the verse, never could make it sound right for me though, you made it work though.

Which chord is that? G major? :laugh:

Two more today…had a long afternoon…but I could have spent a lot more time making them sound nice…well, they are what they are…

Here are numbers 2 and 3 – sorry about the low production, but time is of the essence…

Strong Suspicion:


Give It a Rest on the 7th Day:


No more 'till Friday… ???

Man you’re recording them faster than I can get time to hear’em, I absolutely love the chorus to 7th Day, Susupicion is another amazing tune, hey, when you say the sound quality, did you skimp on the original tracks or you just didn’t work with the mixdown etc? Any chance, later on, like when this crazy contest is over, you/we can clean em up and get a nice shiny mix out of it??? Don’t get me wrong, I love the songs, just wondering if you would eventually want to get’em all sparkled up.?

Anyway, great tunes!

Number 4! I personally like this one a lot. Is that OK to say of one’s own music? :laugh:

“Sonny’s Beer and Wine”:


Quote: (TomS @ Feb. 04 2010, 6:11 PM)

Number 4!
I personally like this one a lot. Is that OK to say of one's own music?

In this case, YEP! :D

Doubtless. Go Tom.

Go Tom :agree:

Get them lyrics up tho!!!

Still on number 3: www.fawm.org/fawmers/spreadercraig

I refuse to post lyrics. Here’s why. I read an interview ages ago with the Cocteau Twins. They made up “words” to fit the melody. Entirely nonsensical, and entirely powerful. I use mostly English words, but they are written to fit the line - so that the phonemes and syllables “open up” when the line requires it, and “close down” when the line requires it. Funny thing is, folks find actual coherence in the lyrics, when they are largely “automatic writing.” In any case, they are meant to be heard in context, not read separately. I think poetry should never be published in written form or (if it has to be) read silently (unless that’s what the author intended). It should always be declaimed. Same thing.

You guys are incredible. and crazy, but yes incredible

Great start you guys. Looking forward to enjoying what ya’ll come up with. Thanks in advance. :)

Number 5 - 6 and 7 are in the pipeline, but they don’t seem to want to finish themselves…

“Hear the Amplifier Buzz”:


There is now a #6, although it is not the intended one, and this is pretty much a throwaway, written for a Fawmer yclept “Happy Atheist”:


This is actually #9:


Here’s number 10, although it could have been 16 or so, but the intervening attempts were too too too lame…

“If You Don’t Like It”:



Tom? The link hasn’t worked for me for a few days. Not sure, but I don’t think I’ve got any other prob’s. Just a thought - is it just me?

Goin’ good tho dude - keep it up.

Works for me!!!

Larry Pop!


It’s an inside joke! :)

Quote: (TomS @ Feb. 14 2010, 1:36 PM)

Here's number 10, although it could have been 16 or so, but the intervening attempts were too too too lame...

"If You Don't Like It":



It's just as good on this forum.