Feat Request: clearer group automation

I think this applies to auxes, pans etc.

Reading this thread

“Can Group Channels Be Automated?”

I got an idea for improvent in group automation.


I’d really like to have the name of the group in that blue line to appear where the cursor is. Now it’s only on the beginning of the song (at the left) so we have to scroll back there to check out what we are adjusting.

If I automate the volumes of single track it’s clear and self evident which track I’m adjusting beacuse the automation curve is in the track.

With groups, especially if there’s a multitude of them and in high zoom levels it would be very nice to see instantly what group I’m adjusting.

I think the same applies to automating aux sends and returns, pans etc. The name should be always there to be seen somehow.

So this is what I mean. This is ok, I see the text Group 1 volume in the left:

But after zooming in I can’t easily figure it out what I’m automating. The text Group 1 isn’t there to be seen without scrolling:

If the text would be always there in same zoom level as the actual zoom level it would be great. Of course the pictures show a very easile readable example, but when you automate multiple aux sends or returns or there’s 8 groups I’m in trouble.

I agree. When zooming one should be able to see what track name their working on. Perhaps always centered on the screen. I think this is an excellent request. :agree:


I’d love to see a wave form display of the actual channel I am editing.


Bax3, I was thinking exactly what you said, just couldn’t formulate it that elegantly!

…I’ve been missing a floating name bar or such when editing envelopes, too.

Haven’t even thought about a waveform-visual for the groups. Good idea, but not something I’d miss.


Feat request: pull a freight train with your lips.

Quote: (Bubbagump @ Nov. 20 2009, 12:40 PM)

Feat request: pull a freight train with your lips.

There you go thinkin about sex again, you know your to busy for that! :laugh:

I have a feature shortcut request. Flavio could you please add the option to normalize from a tracks right click popup menu? Thx!

Quote: (Bubbagump @ Nov. 20 2009, 12:40 PM)

Feat request: pull a freight train with your lips.

In the topic description you can have only have a set number of letters. I was going to edit it for him but realized why he did it that way. He just ran out of space. LOL!!


While being on the subject of automation, here is another request.
Some effects do not have an bypass toggle. So it would be nice if the bypass plug-in switch that nTrack puts beside the effect window could be assigned to an envelope.


not a request. but? is there a way or a plug that can scoll lyrics or events?