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Volume auto decrease on all tracks equal

I’ve seen on another DAW (I don’t remember for sure but I believe it is Ableton) a feature that when a mixing session has had the faders creeping up and up as the session goes on (as I know happens to me often) you can select a volume adjustment that automatically drops the volumes of all faders by (perhaps 3db or 5 db I’m not sure how much) equally at the same time so that you can continue mixing with the levels wherew you had set them but all of them not close to clip levels.
Does N track have any such feature? I didn’t find one myself but I’m not the king of these things LOL.
Thank you for your time.

PS I’ve looked through he manual (and did searches) :D as well as I could and found info on the volume automation but I didn’t see where this other thing seemed possible.

Yes. Settings, Pref’s, Options, check “Auto decrease volumes as new tracks are added” box.

N_track has the feature.
Settings > Options
at the bottom left of the page.
Just a couple of “old guy” notes.
This feature will work well for fast and easy recording.
But if I am working on an important mix I would try to do all my mixing within the limits of the VU metering and my ears.
Humans are geared to hear sound within the normal speech frequencies and volume - that means that musical pitch beyond those limits are “culled out” by our brains when they beyond those limits - you’ll have to look up on the Internet for a more detailed explanation.
But, put simply, mixes get “out of balance” when the sound level goes to loud or soft. That is why the experts always try to get the sound mixed by turning down the volume on tracks (or “smushing” them with compressors).
That is why/where I use Groups.
I route all of one type of sound ( percussion, back up singers, instrument, etc.) to a Group Fader where I get the balance I want on the individual tracks in that group and then I can play with the balance by adjusting the fader on the Group instead of on each individual track again and again. I don’t believe the auto adjust on any program can really do that effectively.

Thank you Tony R and Bax for the info and advice. I’ll be looking into the one from Tony R and will also take the advice on using more groups as it is the better and wiser way to mix. Just to clarify what it is I’m referring to, I watched on this other daw as a feature was chosen all the faders drop an equal amount of db yet the faders retained their mix level in their individual mix places. So they weren’t equal by being all at the same level but were still mixed in relation to each other in the way they were set by the user.
I’m probably making this even more confusing by adding another explanation but I will be looking into the features mentioned. If anyone has more to add about this please feel free to do so. :handshake: :whistle: :peace:

I must ask Tony R do you know what will happen if I choose that setting to songs that are already mixed and completed? Perhaps nothing? Or it may drop them in relation to how many tracks are already present? I’m working on mastering 12 songs that are already recorded so thats why I’m wondering.
Thank you again for your time and everything.

Well I’ve tried a few experiments with the “Automatically decrease volume as tracks are added” feature and I expect I’m doing it wrong because I turned it on then opened a song (one with some tracks already recorded) turned the tracks up to above +10db so I could see if anything would change, then started adding tracks and recording a bit on them as I added them. I added five new tracks to the 16 that were already there and I saw no changes at all with any of the faders. Neither the new tracks or the ones that were already done. So I expect I don’t understand what this feature really does or what it is supposed to do exactly.
I must say to anyone who wishes to know though that I’m a big N Track fan. I have three other DAWs besides N Track and find the ease of use, the features and capabilities really to my liking. I run it in 64 bit and it runs for the most part problem free for me. I’m in my third year of use and am now on the latest version 7 for win 7 and am about to release an album all done on N track.
Great value and product all around. Support is unmatched in my book as well!! :agree:
:) :agree:

Hi, Friguy. I’ll check on my system later. Maybe try again after re-starting n-T. If that fails send a report.

Cool. I must say Tony that I never did press save but in my mind that just takes a snapshot of what has gone on already. But I also am sure I didn’t do something right or just don’t understand what it is supposed to do exactly. It may have needed more audio to work with as the added tracks were very short (I just clapped my hands for a few seconds on each one) and just for experiment.

I have not checked - will be a bit before I can -However, did you check the Master VU meter? If the Master is not clipping the the setting is doing the job. You may have to use the “Record Fader Movement” to see the faders change. You really don’t have to have the faders change so much as have the sound level controlled - is that right?

I do what FriGuy is suggesting in Ntrack.

However I use an external Midi controller to do it, (JL Cooper master Fader)

this allows me to group tracks together and increase or decrease volume exponentially with one fader.

as that single fader goes up or down all the other track sliders in Ntrack move the same up or down but keep their relative volumes to each other.

I can in theory also draw a volume envelope to move that fader (for a build up in dynamics for example) and the same thing will happen without the need for me to draw envelopes for each track.


Thats very interesting Don’tcare. It’s exactly what I’m talking about except of course without using an external unit or midi to do it. I wonder if there is a VST unit out there that would be capable of this type of action? I have an inexpensive midi controller (Beringer 1000 or something older $20 dutch auction lol) but I never have really done much in the midi world so it’s just collecting dust on a shelf. I wonder if a guy should submit this function idea to Flavio and see if he’s interested in implementing it or if it’s feasible. I’m sure his plate is over full of things on the go. So perhaps not.
Thanks again for the info and advice to all. I’m going to have to deal with my songs manually in the mean time as the bottom line is to make music and not get too stuck on the gear trails I find so temping to go off on lol. Mind you thats how we learn don’t we?

you may very well be able to do it with the Behringer 1000 since you happen to have one.

I’m not in the studio, and it has been some time since I set this up, but there is a protocol Ntrack has to be controlled remotely by external devices, even functions you can map yourself.
Also, I’d have to look at the Behringer manual to see if it allow for fader linking, if it does than all one would have to do is set each faders in Ntrack to the same CC numbers programmed into the external mixer.

if you are interested I could spend a little time tomorrow in the studio exploring your devices abilities for what you are trying to accomplish.

dontcare :cool:

Hey Don’tcare the actual model of this midi controller is Beringer BCN-44 it is out of production now (and has been I think for a long while). The one thing about it is that instead of it having faders it has potentiometers (Pots, LOL) and is very small. I have the manual but I’m really not a midi type of guy so I don’t know if it can do what yours can do.
What do you think? Oh and the manual can be found online so if you think you want to move forward it’s available that way too. Or I could scan it and send it too.
Don’t feel like you have to do this unless you really want to (as I’m sure you wouldn’t anyway LOL).
Thanks again!!


it’s not all as hard as I remember it being.

first lets begin by starting a new group.
at the top under the play bar you should see a few mixer icons, the forth one should read (Show group mixer stripe) if you hover over it, click the arrow next to it and select “New Group” this would be group channel 1.

Now, each track you want to group to 1 go to the side of the track below it’s VU meter where it says the soundcards name (mine says Mackie ONYX) right below “Don’t record” on an unarmed track, if you hover over that tab it says OUTPUT CHANNEL, send them to Group 1.

Now, making sure your Behringer controller is connected to the computer and selected as a midi in device.
Settings>Preferences> Midi devices.

if you are using another Midi interface to get the midi from the controller into the computer, than select that device instead.

In my trial I am using a Fastlane USB/Midi interface, I have a Phatboy controller connected to that, and the Fastlane is selected as a midi in device in Preference, I tested all of these connections before hand using a program called Midi OX, and indeed the controller signals from the Phatboy are making it into the computer.

once you have all the tracks grouped together that you want to control with a single fader now the fun part,
go to:
View>Transport Tool bar.
A box should pop up that says “Midi control” at the top, make sure “keep midi device open” box is checked.
Click “Insert new control” tab on right.
I named mine "Group volume 1"
Make sure the Event: tab says “controller” next to that set it to “midi event to receive” and set the Action: tab below them to “Group volume”.
Click the “Learn” button and move the fader or knob on the controller you want to use for this group.

now you should see that volume fader for Group 1 moving up and down when you move your controller knob left or right.

this was actually a good exercise for me as I was meaning to save a few special settings of my own for the Phatboy and Ntrack, so thank you for getting me going on this.

dontcare , a.k.a. jerm

let me correct that “fun” part.

Instead of View>Transport tool bar

that should read:

Settings>MIDIfaders/control setup

take it from there you should be ok.

Wow Don’tcare you’ve been a busy man. I too have been busy but now I will have a chance to try this out. Thank you mucho grande! I’ll let you know how it goes in a day or so.
:agree: :) :agree:

glad to be of assistance,

midi can be quite the conundrum with a huge learning curve,

but compared to other things I have been doing in programming lately this was a breeze.

good luck fri.


I did almost forget to mention,

you can record the midi data your controller puts out to it’s own midi track as you do your manual fades.

then it will be saved as what is called a sweep. whenever that midi track is played the group volume will go up and down accordingly, which is fun to watch faders go up and down on their own! :O

LOL. Cool I agree it’s always fun to watch the faders do their dance by themselves LOL. Thank you again!
Friguy :laugh: