Feature request: CLONE SONG SECTION

for chopping live recordings into songs

Feature request: "split song"

Purpose: To make it easy to handle live multitrack recordings and split them into separate songs.

Function: In the Timeline view, the select a time range (in all tracks) in the Timeline view. Select the “Clone Song Section” menu item. This pops up a file browser to save a new song file.

When you hit OK, n-Track creates a new song file with the given name in the selected folder, cloning all track data (except track file names and pointers).

For each track with audio data, it creates a wave file using the track’s first audio file name but replacing the current song name (if present in the file name) with the new song file name. If the current song file name is not present, it simply prepends the new song file name. The new wave file gets all the audio data for that track in the time selected. If there are multiple parts they are consolidated into a single track. FX, EQ, and volume automations are not applied (unless this is an option, off by default). If parts overlap, it would be OK to abort the function with an appropriate error message.

New wave files are created in the same folder as the new song file (if the corresponding option is enabled in Preferences).

For each track with MIDI data, the MIDI data in the selected time range is copied to the new song. (For the initial implementation, it would be OK to ignore MIDI tracks, but eventually MIDI would be cool too.)

When the operation is complete, pop up a window that makes it clear that it succeeded, giving the new song file name, and the option to open that file or return to the original (current) song file.

By default, the original song would be unaffected. As an option, all file parts and MIDI data in the selected section could be deleted from the current song (nondestructively, for wave data).

We would generally use this feature with the grid on if we want to create a seamless live CD (carefully remembering the song split points to the nearest measure).

Sound like a good idea? This feature would tip the balance for me to upgrade to V5, in a heartbeat.


Hi learjeff:
This sounds like a great idea for the guys who track their stage jobs Live-to-Hard Drive… I could see using a feature like that if n-Track had that capability…


Does any other editor have that going for IT ????

My vote also for this feature. Excellent explanation, learjeff. I’d be right behind you with the 5.x upgrade if that feature was included.


Did I miss the part where you defined a start and end point on the timeline? Otherwise, you could only split in two.

I often record up to 4 songs (about 12-14 minutes) at a time, due to the hassle of doing the split. Which IS currently possible in N-Tracks, tho quite cludgy.

EDIT: Ahh, yes, i did miss it. “Select a time range”.

But, it’s still possible to do now with the current version.
I’m at work right now, but I’ll post how I do it when I get home.

MACKIE TRACKTION has two moveable line that can be positioned anywhere on the timeline - you can select as many tracks as you want and then click on a button and the ares between the lines are copied - you can then either paste the copies to another part of the project or to a new project -

Dr J

You can cut and paste with Ntrack - highlight what you want to cut. Select Edit>cut. Click anywhere to remove the hightlighed area. Highlight where you what to paste the Cut; Select Edit>Paste and the part is placed. The Cut can also be placed on a new track.
Is that what you are talking about?

(bax3 @ Jul. 10 2007,15:20)
The Cut can also be placed on a new track.
Is that what you are talking about?

I guess learjeff would like to paste the cut consisting of many tracks into a new song.

(learjeff @ Jul. 09 2007,11:34)
Feature request: "split song"

Purpose: To make it easy to handle live multitrack recordings and split them into separate songs.

I’ll definitely add the feature to version 5.1. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation…


Right Varakeef.

Flavio, you da man! :)

And of course, feel free to improve on my suggestion, or alter to fit reality as needed.

Yup, this will definitely mean an upgrade for me, because I’ll soon be mixing tracks recorded live for my blues band.