Feature Request, Panning Envelopes.

Inconstant between slider and blue line.

Not sue if this a bug or not. When opening the panning envelopes I notice despite I have a track panned hard left/Right, the pan line/blue line is always centered. This should not be the case. When I open the panning envelope the blue should represent the actual setting I have already in place on the track panning slider, meaning the blue line should be off center top/bottom of the track depending on the EQ track slider position. If it’s possible, can this be corrected or added?


Hi Paco,

The pan envelope and the pan slider settings are independent. They are ‘summed’ when the actual pan for a certain position of the song is computed. If for example a track Is panned all the way to the right and the envelope is all the way to the left the net effect is that the track is centered.
The two settings are independent to allow for a global pan setting (i.e. the pan slider) which is valid for all the length of the song, and a setting (the envelope) that varies with the length of the song. If the pan slider was hardwired to the pan envelope once you had an eanvelope you would have no way to adjust the pan of the whole track, other than editing the whole envelope, which may be a bit tedious at times. I hope that this explanation makes sense.


Thanks Flavio for the explanation.


I bought N-Track 1 back in 1999 and used it extensively. Loved it. I just bought 8.0 and can not find a ‘PAN’ icon. I’ve looked everywhere. Can someone help please? Thanks-

I v.9,go to edit, 3rd down the list is volume AND pan envelopes😊

This is the same for volume automation controls too. Flavio, whatever you do, don't change those controls! It's so useful to raise and lower volumes on relative parts of a track and then lower or raise the track as a whole in the Mix, while still having the individual tweaks intact. That's likely the reason for the Pan sliders, to alter left and right for parts of a track, and then scoot the whole track slightly to one side for the Mix. Brilliant stuff.