Feature Request: Separate MIDI files

Well, since everybody is making feature requests left and right these days … here is mine.

How about having the MIDI data for each track in its own separate .mid file, just like each audio track has its own .wav file?

I’ve had .sng files get corrupted and as a result have lost all my MIDI tracks. This would help prevent that from happening.

It would also allow you to edit a MIDI track in an external editor quickly … without having to first export the file, then re-import it back later.

Good idea? Bad idea?

hi there cmw… have a look at a post where i beat my head against the wall over this topic: http://tinyurl.com/7a4ep

there’s a reference to a utility in there that may do what you are asking: mididrum… if you do use that application, you’ll need to note that the midi files exported from n-track aren’t recognized… i have no clue why - i ended up importing into another midi sequencer, just saving again, and it worked fine…

beyond that, there’s always cut and past :)

best of luck!