Feature request

Aux drawing ability

While drawing test Aux sends I noticed each aux draw line was blue and you could only draw one at a time. How cool would it be to have the ability to draw each send within the track window having each draw line a different color and get your effects mixed by the draw.

Sounds interesting, How do we keep from getting the colors confused? Maybe a Flag in the LEFT box or have the tracks turn color when drawing? maybe the lines could be created on “lanes”, for each Aux snd so that they could be kept seperate - (how, do you use effects with lanes or do the effects work on all lanes in unity?

My request:
When drawing envelopes to groups the lines are created on top of the first few tracks (Group 1 is on trak 1’s display) - and of, course, the wave form is not really what matches to the group. I’d like to see the group envelope drawn on its own special, nameable trark.


How do we keep from getting the colors confused?

They are already 'tagged' for what they are on rollover. If you're that into a mix and need reminding then it's time to shut 'er down.