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growing timeline

I’m finding more and more work flow slow downs with n’s not having the timeline automatically expand when dragging or moving wav or midi clips beyond the window size of the working area.

When you have to stop and click - stop and click it all adds up and is more of an interrupt to getting things moved and edited.

aaa you sound like a young man there Pop! Great ambition, great suggestion!
Nap time here, see ya.

It’s a practical need I think - when I do my ezdrum songs I usually have a fill in mind for going into the last chorus or a break whatever - I like to write all my parts at once and drag them to the general are I know they’ll be used - then loop a variety of clips up to that point. I may have clips scattered throughout a timeline waiting for loops to get to. It would be nice to just drag them to where I want them - or at least close enough to work with. KnoWhutImeanJellyBean?

AT LEAST give me the request I had for a “speed zoom” by holdin down the time line magnifier with your tongue out on the left side of your mouth!

I sent a suggestion to Flavio some time ago that he model the zoom on the time bar to act something like the timebar does in a video program (like Pennicle for instance) where the location on the time bar changes the cursor to either expand or contract the zoom. I didn’t get a response - but would something like that work for you guys?

Anything designed and built for ease and speed would work for me.

:laugh: Ease and speed to please the feed! :agree:

Welp back to napping, 2464 is there

Flav should take a look at project navigation in Reaper. Maybe cop a few ideas and improve on them. HINT: MOUSE WHEEL plus user programmable key modifiers That way a user can setup navigation for his/her particular way of working…

Just a suggestion… :)


Well - What I wanted to do is there now! I haven’t checked earlier versions, but build 2464:

Ctrl Key + wheel = zoom in and out - place the cursor where you want to maintain focus.
Shift + wheel = moves tracks display up and down.
To repidly move location of the view use the slidder located next to the “live” button.

you can use the slider rapidly move in timeline - then you can RAPIDLY move back to the clip you want and SLOWLY drag it from window view to window view. Why is it when someone askes for something around here there seems to be an attitude of - “Oh you can just do this instead?” nothing personal - just curious.

The wheel function has been there for a while. If there was a way to lock onto a clip and have it move with the wheel - that would work. I guess I could get use to "wheel, drag, wheel drag, wheel drag, to move parts.


Why is it when someone askes for something around here there seems to be an attitude of - "Oh you can just do this instead?" nothing personal - just curious.

Probably because it's difficult to understand EXACTLY what the other guy is wanting/suggesting without a video or screenshots or something. I'm pretty sure I get what you're saying. I don't believe that exact task is really any easier in 'R' either. Thus the suggestion to "cop a few ideas and improve on them."


D - at work...

PS If I have a grip on what you're doing or trying to do, I use "cut/paste" a lot instead of click-drag.

May be true D. I gave up trying to do video screen shots.

I guess the best I can describe what the problem is… well you know what, I just don’t have time or interest now actually.

i agree with P.W. nuch needed - i would like to also suggest that it should work on both sides of the timeline so that a track/clip/psrt can be put in front of the timeline start - this would make it so easy to drop a new intro into a song, instead of shifting all the tracks to the right to make room -


Hi Poppa, sorry if I missed what you were talking about. I was just excited to find a way to do something I was talking about - I didn’t know the feature I spoke of was there. I think this may be why I have Not been ask to negociate world peace. :love:

ah… whirled peas. My favorite.

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‘children’! Run away from the angry men :laugh:

I don’t know the proper way to ask for a feature so I’ll try it here.

Would it be possible to add a mixer strip button to the main tool bar or the preferences dialog box?
I’m personally in and out of different views in nTrack all the time. Often needing as much editing space as possible and when I’m full screen, almost every time I think to myself; "I wish there was a mixer strip button up on the tool box to easily find. And even when I’m not in full screen for editing I often wish I didn’t have to make 4 clicks for the mixer strip. :agree: If not no problem!

I would like to suggest a method for coding mixdowns.

My problem is this, I do so many versions of songs…and name them so many things (as they progress the names change that way I know which day/time or general direction the song is going)
however, occasionally I will stumble across a particular mix down that outshines the rest, in balance and editing (no unwanted noise anomalies, pops, ticks, hums, ect) just a good clean mix that was a result of either chance or great editing.
I usually keep saving new poject files as the song progresses like “vocal1” Vocal2, Vocal3 etc etc… (and then the dates of the files themselves helps narrow down a specific song project if I am liking the mix…however it does not always work…that is occasionally I cannot pinpoint the exact project file the mix came from.

So my request would be that each mixed down file would have something encoded into it that points to the exact project file it was rendered from…could this be a click able link? in other words you open up the info on the file and there with the date and time there is a direction to the Ntrack song file it came from?
I have seen ripper software that encodes information into song files, like band name, song name etc etc…so hopefully the theory is sound and I am not just chasing a dragon…

keep shinin

jerm :cool: