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A litttle timeline happiness

Hi there,
During my current project, I have discovered an issue with the time line, not to say the problem is internal with the program but external, meaning my own hand/mouse clicking on the time line. I have found, the icons above the time line are so close to the time line, (thats very thin to begin with), that from time to time I find myself accidentally clicking on one of these icons. In fact, I have done this and it created havoc because I simply just didn’t notice it. As with most users I suspect, that the time line usage is heavy as it is with me in my projects. An integral part of the process. In the image below, I’ve highlighted the effected area. I would like to see this set of ICONS have the “Option” to move to another location on my screen.

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In the second image you can see it’s now in an area that is better suited since I rarely click over there. Since I’m always clicking on the time line, positioning the time line for a cue to record or playing back a section, this option would give me a little buffer zone that would decrease the risk of an accidentally clicking on something. Sometimes after a few beers it’s easy to make a mistake. I think this would be an excellent option to have.

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Note: I can create a space between the time line and the icons, by pulling down the tracks work flow area, leaving the things the way they are but it shortens my work flow area, which is not favorable to me since space is already tight when my mixer is up.

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I believe I understand what you’d like to have more control over…

If I hear you correctly, You would like to be able and have the ability to “Un-Dock_ the Tool-Bars”…


Quote: (woxnerw @ Dec. 31 2010, 12:23 PM)

I believe I understand what you'd like to have more control over.. If I hear you correctly, You would like to be able and have the ability to "Un-Dock_ the Tool-Bars"..


Yes you can un-dock them by dragging them but you can't tilt them vertically.