Feature request

Loop switching

Honestly I don’t know if Ntrack is already able to do this but I would like to do something similar to this:


or Darkwave studios

That is the ability to pop and drop Midi loops into it and have start/stop features that will go from one to another when triggered by a keystroke or midi command.
This way you can go back and forth from different midi files in the same Ntrack file like many of the loop based programs are doing.

I’m thinking there might be a way already to do this, with maybe keystrokes and Windows autokeys (R Click L Click etc) but something more integrative and program based would be nice.

dontcare :cool:

so is there?

a way to switch between midi files being played in the same npk file already?

A playlist on the side that you could toggle between songs would be nice to…that way you could use Ntrack instead of Winamp.

dontcare :cool: