Feature Request

Hide a Group’s tracks from the mixer…

See what you all think of this…

When I’m mixing a song with lots of tracks, to save screen space, and to make things clearer, I often build submixes using Groups… all the backing vocals for example, or maybe the drum tracks.

Once the tracks are sent to a Group, I minimise each of the individual tracks so they dissapear from the mixer. So in the end, I’m just mixing the Groups and maybe a individual few tracks.

BUT, if I want to go back and tweak, for example, the balance of the BVs, or change the panning of the drums or whatever, I have to un-minimise each track and then find them in the (now somewhat crowded) mixer. (I find minimise/maximise painfully slow to redraw the screen which makes matters worse).

What would be really good, perhaps, would be instead of minimising the tracks to get them out of the mixer view, how about the ability to “hide” all tracks sent to Group 1, or Group 2, etc.

Then as the song is mixed to sub mixes, the tracks making up that submix could be easily hidden/un-hidden as required. Kind of a “hide this Group’s tracks from the mixer” option for each Group.

Yes? No? Maybe?

Am I the only one who works like this?


Hi Mark:
I woud say that’s a great idea… I posted that on an old Boad Build, some time ago… But I may not have described it that way, or in that detail… Once the track/tracks get loaded into a Group, they should be removed from the main Mixer/View, by default… Then, by default, the groups should appear as a Mini-Mixer… By default… Unless you request a different config, in a menue, somewhere… Mabey Options… or Appearence… ??

It would assist in un-cluttering the View of the Mixer Desks… In-my-opinion… ??? :O

I think it would work great with a Multi-Head Graphics Card…


Yep I agree I use group all the time and do the same thing with minimising the tracks but would be better to hide/unhide as suggested by Mark to clear up space and also make it easier to find the tracks when you want to.


Add me to the list of peope that think this is a good idea.

Maybe an in-context menu on each group fader that says something like “Hide all channels that feed this group”… or something… I dunno.

my small workaround is to minimize the tracks and select the option to hide minimized tracks… although i bet it would be quicker for flavio to add in a context menu item for a group that toggles - “minimize/maximize all tracks in this group” that would just enumerate through each track in that group… then you could quickly select to “hide minimized tracks”…

just a thought…