Fed up about ready to go to Cubase

OK I’m almost out of patience with this program. Cheap is great but this thing is constantly crashing, delaying when more than three tracks are preset, and getting the ASIO thing all wrong (and popping up many redundant message boxes when one would be sufficient to notify of the problem.

Has any got any success stories working with an ASIO 24 bit sound card and NTracks? I’m going to revert to just the WMD mode b/c it seems that NTracks just doesn’t handle memory well once it gets at this level.

Commiseration and/or enlightenment most welcome.

I’ve got a fast PIV, plenty of RAM, and XP professional so no hardware issues.

I run n-Track 4.x in 24 bit ASIO with 32+ tracks routinely without any crashes, lags or delays.

How is your ASIO latency set up? If your latency is set too low, you will get lags, and probably crashes, too. Try to find the value where latency is still fairly unnoticed but the thing is stable. (takes a couple of guesses to get this right.) I assume you have the latest ASIO drivers etc. installed for your soundcard, and no other apps (apart from maybe the soundcard settings panel/mixer) are trying to access the soundcard at the same time.

Check this website for info about how to stabilize your system for recording use. Windows comes with many troublesome features turned on by default out-of-the-box, but half an hour’s work will quickly save you many hour’s troubles when using your PC for recording.

I use both n-Track and Cubase LE, and I prefer n-Track for anything but laying down midi tracks - Cubase shines here. It’s easier to record, put on effects and mix down in n-Track than in any other package I have used so far.

Now go try out the suggestions on that website I mentioned. I’m sure you will be positively surprised, and you might even learn a thing or two about your system (I did). Please report back to the forum as you progress. We’re here to help each other out.

regards, Nils

I work much like Nils does. My next project though, is going to be done in Sonar 4LE to see how it performs. From what noodling around I’ve done so far, it seems a fair compromise between n-Track’s great GUI and audio handling and Cubase LE’s great MIDI abilities. If it goes well, I’ll have my ONE package to do it all in and forget this switching around crap. BTW, n-Track 4.2.1 Bld 2099 works pretty well on my system but seems to be more resource hungry than V3.3 and some earlier V4 builds. I find I’m having to use “Freeze” a lot more often now when using ASIO drivers even with latency (buffers) set to max. No big deal as I can switch to WDM when mixing down and increase the buffers for smooth playback BUT the response to control changes and Vu meter response sucks… oh well.

D – loves n-Track but may jump ship…

I’ve done allright with my Terratec EWS88MT, 8 I/O, ASIO drivers. That hasn’t been a problem for me, once I got it together with assigning inputs and outputs! :p Anyway, Nils’ advice might fix you up. Also Diog’s moving between ASIO for recording and WDM for mixing might be a workaround possibility.

I have, to be honest, left off with n-Track for the while. I’m into Sonar HS4 of late. My time is limited on a daily basis, and there are small crop-ups and quirks in n-Track that take up too much of this time. Issues, issues… and I already knew Sonar, for the most part. but if you can make n-Track work for you, do it! Many are having a perfectly fine time with it.

24 bit ver 4.x works like a charm for me.

2.2 gHhz AMD
1 gig SDR Ram
windows xp service pack 2
Presonus Firebox-will crash if i set latency/buffers in nTrack…does not crash if i set latencey/buffers with cards software.
middi mapper for midi output-will crash if I use the other one which i forget the name (GW Synth I think)
All my VST, DXi and rewire programs function great

Quite content and I have a Light version of Cubase that I don’t use.

Edit- did all the things Nils said and performance majorly improved

i started having n-trouble with the use of the NET framework(4.0?)went to Sonar-this thing seems limitless. i think better than Cubase for lots of midi/vstis.intuative,sounds great,many,many cool features(groove-clipping,etc)
1 crash in 9 mos… very stable DXi/VSTi and ReWire host…(i can run FL studio or something THRU Sonar as a slave)
great tutorials available…sorry,Fabio



Who? :slight_smile:
Quote (audiobru @ May 21 2006,01:27)
Sonar-this thing seems limitless. i think better than Cubase for lots of midi/vstis.intuative,sounds great,many,many cool features(groove-clipping,etc)

That is the route I would like to take next. I still want to master nTrack first though.

When you read about the history of other DAWs in some cases they started as background contenders than blam!!!! Out of nowhere they are the talk of the town.

Sure hope Flabio?? Fabio?? Flaver Flave?? hits the bigtime and rewards his loyal followers. Perhaps with nTrack leather jackets, or a nice nTrack Thermos, maybe condoms with the nTrack logo built for 16 bit or 24 bit customers.

Hey THANK YOU very much for the very detailed and helpful replies.

Despite being quick to get pissed off at the program’s glitches I would rather stay with it if it works well enough. I do appreciate the fact that it’s a low-key effort by one programmer. (And I’ve distributed my own applications too, so I know what that’s like…)

I will research the settings as directed (always more interested in chord voicings than buffer settings, but you gotta set up the tools properly).

Cheers guys!!


er,no disrespect-Flavio,sorry(must have been that midnite snack with icantbelieveitsnotbutter or something)
the more i learn,the less i can remember :)

Jeff, I have had n on 24 bit cards from ST audio and from Aardvark - I’ve had the Aardvark Q10 up and running for a couple of years on an XP system - ony troubles came when moving to NET 2.0 - but given how many different variables there are in systems it’s a wonder problems like yours really are so rare.

Hope you can work it out.

To those others jumping ship, I’d say “Judas” but I hear he actually was a good guy after all. :D

(totally kidding of course! I’ve been planning on moving to one of the other programs just as soon as there is some compelling reason to do so…and so far we’re goiong on 7 years without a compelling reason… :) )

What?! Sorry, Tom- I couldn’t hear you over all the sopping noises! :laugh:

Who’s all wet? :)

If you’re going to upgrade from n-track go to SAW Studio. Once you’ve used it for a whiles you’ll never go back. Nothing else comes close, Cubase and Sonar are kiddy toys compared to it. It’s written in assembly, so it’s small, blinding fast, and because it bypasses the OS it’s completely stable. The only latency you’ll ever encounter is hardware latency and that’s inaudible.

Downside, no MIDI capabilities except for control surfaces, (that’s why I still use n-track for MIDI recording and editing). But SAW now does have a MIDI add-on but I’ve never tried it so can’t comment on it.

But be prepared to leave a big hole in your pocket. $2500, but worth every penny if you’re serious about your music.

Quote (TomS @ May 22 2006,08:38)
Who's all wet? :)

What?? Wait a minute- I- SPLASH!... What?? :D

Gizmo, if I got that serious I'd be seriously suffering from a bad imbalance! I spent $1,400 on my van I use to get to work!
My chronic lack of FBS (Furrowed-Brow Syndrome) gets me in trouble over at the Home Recording forum from time to time. :)

Yes Sloom it is a lot of money, and I’d say that if people are happy with n-track then stick with it.

But Jero was talking about upgrading to Cubase and that’s a lot of money too. So all I was suggesting that if you’re going to dig deep into your pocket, then do a real job of it not a half-assed one. :)

So if you’re still here Jero, try these experiments:

Click on the Cubase desktop icon, and see how many cigarettes you can smoke before it finally initializes and loads up. :D (SAW, about half a second).

Play a mega track mix, then while playing, change a plug-in (reverb or something to different reverb plug-in). In Cubase the audio will stop, the screen will freeze, then if you’re lucky after 20 seconds or so it will all start again, more or less. (If you’re not lucky you’ll need a re-boot). In SAW, the only thing you’ll notice is a different reverb. The new plug-in initializes, installs and the tracks continue in perfect sync, not a click, pop, or freeze.

So honestly guys, money or no money, after using SAW for a while, going back to anything else is painful. :D

Anyway, who said home recording is inexpensive? :p

Actually, compared to what it would have cost 20 years ago to do it all analog, SAW is peanuts.