Feedback PLEASE!  :-p

Well here is a song I wanted some feedback on. I know the vocals are all over and you can hear the autotune trying to help but I am practicing on the voice…any feedback or ideas to improve the song welcome! Thanks all:

The vocals aint that bad. I was expecting much works. The only thing I’d do is bring out the guitar solo if at all possible. I would make that the loudest point in the song, but thats just me…

I’d echo that. You don’t have to be a soaring, dynamic vocalist to make good music( take Dylan, Lou Reed etc…). Your vox suit the song. Mix sounds ok too. Nice song, I like it!

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I like the song. The chorus is cool.

I agree with the others, the vocal performance sounds good for the song. I do think that they stand out a little too much, maybe they are a little too dry? Perhaps just too loud (IMHO).

I personally think the solo fits perfect at it’s current level. I wouldn’t touch it.

i really dig the tune!..

personally, i think the vocals are at a great level… the verses seem to suggest a “whisper” effect… as if you’re really close to the listener… of course, if you’re closer, then you’ll speak softer and the room sound will will be far less… my only suggestion would be to lower the delay effect… and maybe to up the volume a bit during the chorus…

the solo seems fine to me…

the percussion seems a bit loud… and the hihat during the chorus sounds very out of place to me…

a note: i am listening on consumer grade headphones…

good stuff!.. have any more to post?


Thanks Idover. I will keep all these great comments in mind when i mix in future. I do have a few other songs up…total of 4 including this one. You can check out the other three at:
If you want to take time to give feedback, I always appreciate it- you can e-mail me if it’s easier than posting here:
or use link on my site -
Thanks again!

i like a lot your song.
What is your setup?
how do you record vocals and guitars¡?
Do you use 16-bit o 24 bits?



Nice tune man. I really like the production quality. Wouldn’t worry about the vox at all. Sounds good.

i like that a lot, the second guitar that comes out on the right, an electric palm muted i think, it sounds excellent! did u just use a midi keyboard for the synthesiser type noise (i dont rele no wot u call it) but the noise that flows the whole way through?

Really nice production. The song is well written too.
It needs more cowbell! lol just kidding

Outstanding song and recording! Roll out the details on your setup when you get a chance. :)

production is nice, vocals are great, too.

i wish the verses held together as well as the chorus. the meter on the verses seems to sorta float … i’m not sure it’s what you’re after.

some nice stuff happening lyrically - i like the “ghost dancing alone out there” in the 1st verse.

keep it up!


i actually kinda like the subtle autotune “effect” in there… out of curiousity, what are you using for autotune? really good songwriting. you guys heard that new imogen heap tune? i’m pretty sure that’s autotune mastery in there… love the sound of it for some reason.

Great vocals! Sorta like Dire Straits or David Bowie style. I like this song, I think the vocals aren’t too loud. I wouldn’t change a thing if it were me!


Listened to your song again! do a Cd and get it on CD baby so I can buy it (pleez!) great stuff don’t change it… :)

Quote (mcalldp @ June 28 2005,14:49)
Well here is a song I wanted some feedback on. I know the vocals are all over and you can hear the autotune trying to help but I am practicing on the voice..any feedback or ideas to improve the song welcome! Thanks all:

:) Hey, I really enjoyed your song-well done-and the recording was real nice as well. I just got this software and I'm completely new and lost. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. Keep writing and recording-good stuff! Tom.

:) I really liked your song too. The first that hit my mind was Roger Waters but then it went more into bowie or The Verve kinda style. Beautifully sung, played and recorded, the production impressed me too. What kind of equipment are you using?


What a professional sound! Terrific writing, awesome performance, both vocally and musically.

The comment about adding more cowbell got a chuckle out of me.

My one criticism has to do with volume leveling of your solo vocal during the verses. It goes a little soft and I can’t make out what you are singing. But then, I find that happens a lot with even studio-produced commercial recordings.

Impressive work!


I love your vocals, very nice voice and soothing, I would suggest a harmony during the chorus part, great song. :)