is there a way to generate digitally?

Any way to generate feedback in a DAW?
(serious replies only) oh yeh.
Would be a good project for those plugin
writer types

Oh wow,
I just found this,

acoustic feedback plug

All roads lead to Abbey Road Plugins.

Err… a certain DAW I know of has feedback routing built-in… but I ain’t gonna name it. :p


No - I mean feedback from
an overdriven instrument

I have a hardware effects gadget that generates a Marshal on “12” feedback type effect… It sounds like poo. Seriously… It’s a Korg Pandora. My POD XT Live has a feedback effect as well. It also sounds like poo. Too "artificial sounding. You can get a cool feedback type effect by creative use of a delay plugin and drawing automation for the gain and feedback assuming the delay plug has a feedback control that can be automated. If you want a seriously LONG note, you just about have to force the plugin into self oscillation which is basically what feedback IS. Some delays won’t do it. Just experiment… have fun… and watch the levels!!