Fellow N-tracker's Design for Audio Workstation

Finalist in International Competion

Multitrack recording is truly in the blood of some N-trackers. Most of the N-trackers who have spent much time in the N-track forum have probably heard me talk about my son’s love for recording. He is also deeply into industrial design, which he is studying at the University of Cincinatti. Recently he developed some concepts for a wireless audio workstation that he submitted to an international design competion sponsored by Microsoft and the Industrial Design Society of America. His design was chosen as one of the 31 finalists from over 700 entries submitted by design teams, independent designers and students from all over the world. Bill Gates is among the judges who will pick winning entries from the finalists, and prizes range up to $25,000, so being a finalist in this is a pretty big deal.

Shea’s interest in recording was really developed from our using N-track together to record our own music. It looks like this could be the basis for an exciting and successful career. Many thanks to Flavio and all the N-trackers who have helped educate us over the years.

You can see Shea’s design (personal productivity category, Submission 583: Muse Wireless Audio Workstation) at http://www.startsomethingpc.com, the competition’s webpage. One of the contest prizes is the ‘Public’s Choice Award’, which is decided by public vote. If you have a few minutes, and you get a chance to check out Shea’s design, AND you think that his design has merit, it would be great to have your support. To vote, simply visit the web page, select the personal productivity category, go to page 3 (well that is where it was this morning), select entry 583 by clicking on it, then select “log in to passport” to vote”. You will be asked for your e-mail address, and then you well be able to cast your vote.

Thanks again to all you fellow N-trackers.


I just voted, and your boy was at the top of the list. A lot of 5 star votes, it seems. I liked the system a lot myself. Very, very good. If it was a real product, I’d want it.

Another vote here.

It’s good to see someone who is interested in making the recording environment an easier one to work in.

Great concept…got my vote. Isn’t it great when your kids come up with something so significant?


Thanks Fish, XonXoff, and Cliff,

Cliff, you got no idea how happy it makes me. How was it that someone said it on the forum the other day? Something like: my smile is so big, I almost swallowed my head.



Got my vote. Beautiful and simple design, just how I like it!