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all done with n. the music sounds casio-ish I know; that’s 'cause I’m using a cheapy keyboard and I know I’m lacking in production. I did everything all by my wittle self. Wrote the songs, composed the tracks, recorded in n. Performed all lead and backup vocals.

Not very common to find a woman doing her own recording, so I have to check it out.

Your production is actually very good with everything balanced nicely. You are right about the casio-ish keyboard, but you gotta use what you’ve got. You are a good songwriter. "Get Wit Me’ is the best composition of the 3, the other 2 are more run of the mill in that they sound as good as what I hear on the radio, but they probably won’t stand out too much either. What I have to mention is : Your vocals are KILLER! I truly believe your vocals is what makes these songs work.

I hope you get signed by a record company and get a professional production behind your songs and vocals.


Thanks alot. I really appreciate the feedback. I know there’s always room for improvement and I believe with a better quality sound module the overall sound will improve. And I agree that in the hands of a skilled producer the songs would come alive. Because you are right, the run of the mill stuff might be good but it needs to be great in order to stand out. Thanks again for your encouraging comments. It gives me strength. Incidentally there is a “view all” button that will take you to about 15 more songs.

I’m curious…what do you do musically?

Thanks again.

I’m an amateur musician who play and write music cause it’s fun. I’m not even close to be an expert at any of this but I do think I have a good ear.

Just like you I do everything on my recordings. The only thing not played directly by me are drums which I do with a drum program. Here’s some samples of my music:

Starlit Sky

The Unanswered Question

My version of Sleepwalk


Hey DC

I’m feuding with my dsl so I could only listen to your music a snippet at a time. But what I’m hearing I’m liking! Especially Starlit. The piece has something to say. If I could listen long enough I could hear it. I’ll be sure to come back to it when I get my speed back.

Sometimes I think the word “amateur” doesn’t completely apply. When you’re creative and you’re able to express your creativity in such a way that someone else can taste it…? Ok, I guess if we don’t get paid for it, that makes us amateurs? But there’s also a ton of pros getting paid, though I don’t know why…

Here’s to all the amateurs with good ears!

I love the vocals, those are so tight, the mix is good but then I’m listening on my new system which is giving me all kinds of headaches on what I hear as I’m working out the bugs so don’t take my word on the mix at all, seems balanced though.

Wow, I would love to throw your vocals together with mine on something to calsh our styles and come out with some kind of Pink FLoyd Great Gig in the Sky feel :wink:

Anyway, good job!

Hey Everybody, don’t miss this! These are the best vocals I’ve ever heard recorded with ntrack! I liked the more upbeat Get Wit Me. All Over Me has some strong lead and soft sweet background vocals that build and blend as the song progresses. I nominate it for best vocals, and for best vocal arrangement!

mcalldup, I’m open! let’s talk.

thanks so much you guys. it’s nice to hear such positive feedback.

I love N-track. I’ll let you in on a little secret…I fantasize about shouting out Flavio at the Grammy’s!!

…and here’s to my man Flavio, I love you boweeee…

Hey, I can dream can’t I? :D

Thanks again. It inspires me.

About the only thing I can suggest is to improve the keyboard sounds, apart from that I think the mixes are quite good (not a huge R+B fan, but I can appreciate this).

Look into using soundfonts or something for less generic sounds.

Get Wit Me was probably the strongest, but the actual compositions and arrangements were great. I still maintain that the stuff that comes off this forum craps all over the quality of stuff on the other homerecording forums.


Actually, what gear are you using?

computer - emachines
delta 44 soundcard
audio buddy preamp
shure sm58
yamaha psr 225 keyboard; hence the casio-like music quality.

music composition program by soundtrek called jammer; i forget which version and

but I’ve taken your advice and recently purchased a Korg TR61, a Dr. Rhythm, and a pair of Rubicons! I can’t wait to hear the difference. I also have a C1 mic I’ve not made use of yet. I’d like to get a new computer soon but as a starving musician these things take time.

Hey! I liked this! Nice songs, and your singing is really good!

That was really quite good.

I thought your vocals were top-notch!

You might look into some of the free vsti soft-synths out there like Crystal and KarmaFX (and countless others) if you want to move away from the yamaha PSR sounds without having to buy more gear.

Either way, nice work indeed!

Thanks so much for the feedback and the tips. I’m definitely going to check that out.

I dunno… I am a MIDI snob and the keyboard isn’t THAT bad. Really, RnB doesn’t always use the most realisitic keyboard sounds. This isn’t big band jazz. Listen to what is out there. EPiano and synth/808 sounds are the norm. For a self taught, home brew setup (especially considering the equipment at hand) a lot of blood is coming out of that turnip. Really very good for the genre. I wouldn’t flinch if I heard this on the radio

Quote (mfl @ Oct. 02 2006,21:41)

all done with n. the music sounds casio-ish I know; that's 'cause I'm using a cheapy keyboard and I know I'm lacking in production. I did everything all by my wittle self. Wrote the songs, composed the tracks, recorded in n. Performed all lead and backup vocals.

Voice & Composition is Stellar !!! You defianetly need to upgrade the musical quality.

If you do wow !!!

Thank you thank you thank you. I just got a new “real” keyboard and a few other pieces. I can’t for the life of me get my keyboard and my composition program to play nice. I’m using this thing called Jammer by Soundtrek. (I know it’s time to update that too) But I’m really anxious to hear my compositions coming off the Korg as opposed to the Yamaha. I also really want to get started writing some new stuff but I gotta learn how to work this thing first… :( I’ve tried fiddling with all the “midi” stuff from within the program and I’ve also played around with the whozees on the keyboard. I can only get one instrument to play at a time and no drums.

Anyway thanks much for the feedback.

Hey, mfl, I don’t post much on this part of the board, but I have to say that is some of the best stuff I’ve heard here in a long time. The fake clavinet sound (sounds like a really compressed one) seems totally appropriate to me. And in any case, as someone once said, it’s the singer, and that’s some great singing.

I just have to comment that your voice is incredible. For the equipment you are working with, the quality is excellent and your a great songwriter. Love your voice. If I was going to add anything, I would say try working with someone else just to mix things up a bit. dlachance and I have been writing together for years (he has a current posting up now) and we tend to bring out new things in each other. Keep up the great work (Dan Lachance and I may want to lay down a meshell ndegeocello style bass and drum line sometime and we may hit you up for your voice and melody lines!!!)