few questions

anybody know what the difference is between 24, 24 unpacked, and 24 unpacked left justified?

also I’m using SBLive USB and I can’t seem to select the ASIO version of the device for either playback or recording, it says “unsupported sample format(19)”.

I can use WDM though, how do ASIO and WDM drivers compare to each other?


Well, this isn’t going to be much help, but from what I’ve been told… SB Asio is very dodgey, and 24/96 quality is in fact not as such.

24 bit left justified refers to the position the bits are encoded per byte

I was told the different 24 bit format you use (pcked, unpacker, justified) depends on what format your soundcard uses.

I have an SB Live and it doesn’t support 24bit recording.

Mines not USB though… didn’t think they had a USB of the Live card…

It’s only the more recent Creative cards that have been full 24 bit cards


I don’t think you will get an “unsupported” message for selecting the wrong 24 bit format, if the card supports 24 bits - you will get noise, howver, if the card was 24 bit and you select 24 bit left justified, or whatever. IIRC, the n-Track manual suggests that you simply try them 'till you find the one that works.

Ditto what Rich says about the CL cards. when they first advertised a 24 bit card, it was for playback only. Recorded at 16 bits. Sort of a controversy. The problem is that they historically made cards that were for gamers, but they made a couple of 16 bit cards that had very good specs, so got used for budget recording by folks like us. The newest cards are fully 24 bits, but I still would not buy one, since they are still for gamers at least in part. YMMV.