:cool: Um, the suit is grey, but his vessel might be black.

How did I miss this thread? I grew up in Greenville, NC, and graduated from Rose High in 1972.

Clubs open at the time…some of the better known ones anyway:
–The Attic
–The Carolina Opry House
–The Tiki
–Chapter III
–The Elbo Room

My guess is The Carolina Opry House.

Hi Phoo,
It was one open room, medium to large. I would say medium size with a slightly elevated stage off to the right when you walk in. I can call Ratt himself and find out but what the heck. Most of the crowed stayed and it turned out to be a pretty decent gig considering. That was the name of the group “Ratt” Two drummers two guitars and a dancin bass player.

If you went up a long flight of stairs to get in from the front, was dark and woody, and had a sort of loading ramp in back, that would be The Attic (the rock club in town). It was upstairs on 5th street. Carolina Opry was out of town near the Tar River and off the road a bit (mostly country and country rock, whatever it was called back then). I think the stage was on the left from the front. The Elbo wasn’t running bands too often then (top 40 – they had a live drummer playing along to records). The Tiki was long and slender with a really small stage at the far end (I was in the house band there when I was in the 10th grade). Chapter III became Wrong Way Corrigan’s later (was running occasional beach music bands). The again there were other places that had bands occasionally, too.

The club was out of town.