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Does anybody know of a good free file converter that will take a midi file and convert it to wav.? I use ntrak but its a little awkward. I’d like one that does it without having to play and record.


Easy way:Synthfont

it handle soundfonts and giga files.

If you want work inside n-Track, sfZ

nTrack will do it with offline mixdown, if it’s a plugin synth. If you’re using a hardware synth and want that synth’s sounds, there is no way to do it faster than real-time.

I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to use synthfont.

Are you using N’s midi to wav converter? If so, then these posts might be confusing. What they are talking about doing is using VSTi’s, which are dll files that can be played as MIDI instruments that your midi channels can be run through. You can then mix the “intrument channel” down to a wav, or leave it and add effects to it and treat it like you would a wav file, although this can be tricky and uses a lot of your processing power. If you want to go this route (and you should. friends don’t let friends use MS Wavetable Synth), we’ll be happy to explain how to set it up.

Sorry if you already knew this. it was a just in case.


I did download synthfont and had no trouble using it but I would like a tutorial oin what you are sayng Fish. can’t have too many guns to use ya know.

Cruiser :D

If it works using synthfont, then you can do it using n-Track. Just load the same VSTi instrument into n-Track that you used with synthfont, and do “offline mixdown” to render MIDI to wave.

If you’re already using n-Track, I see no benefit in using synthfont, since you can do exactly the same thing staying in n-Track. However, if you’re “starting from scratch”, then synthfont is probably simpler.

I should clear up how I need to use this conversion. I’m taking midi files of songs deleting all but the bass,drums and maybe the rythm keys for backing tracks. I convert to wav then compress and add whatever fx i need to make it sound better. As of now this is the only use I need…I like that synthfont can render each track individually so my fx are specific to the instrument. Not sure about ntrack converting all tracks into separate wavs all at once. Just haven’t got that far. Why do I have to work? I just want to get home and play with my virtual toys.

Thanks guys

Cheers :D

Ok. Well, let’s do some initial clearing up so we all are clear on everything. I find this helps, even if you already know some of this. I’m not patronizing, I assure you. You might not know any of this, and if you don’t then GOOD! Now you can learn! :) I didn’t know until I got on here asking questions. That’s how you find out. besides, maybe someone else will read and learn too.

Ok, first, let’s make sure we all understand what midi is and how it works. MIDI is an electronic musical language. it isn’t a waveform, and contains no information about sound, per se. All it is, is a set of commands telling an instrument what to play (notes) and how to play it (velocity, etc.). a MIDI file is a set of these codes already programmed, as opposed to using a keyboard, etc. to create the commands live as the instrument is playing. Think of it as electronic sheet music. An instrument, in the case of MIDI, is an electronic device or program that carries out the programming codes it receives. It “plays” the “sheet music” in the midi file. When these are software programs, they are called, convenient enough, “instruments.” Every software program contains a varying amount of instruments. some contain just one, some contain many. Sometimes the “instrument” can load sounds from various types of instruments (in the form of a type of wav file loop called a “soundfont” that can be manipulated, like a “font,” by the soundfont player to play whatever pitch you want for however long you want it). These programs that contain instrument(s) are called “midi output devices,” because you have to send midi out to them so the instrument can play. Windows (given you have a compatible soundcard, which most of them are) has a built in midi output device called “MS Wavetable Synth.” These sounds are horrible. If you want everyone who listens to your music to laugh at your cheesy amateurish music, then please use it. Otherwise, you need to get more midi output devices. Thankfully, you have one. It is called “n-Track Studio.” Well, actually it isn’t actually the output device program, but it is the hosting program for midi output plugins, called “VST Instruments” (or VSTi) and DirectX Instruments (dXi). There are numerous “softsynths” (that is, software synthesizers) avaliable free online. good place to start is KVR. They have a listing of a lot of the more well known/better VSTi’s around. You can also get a VSTi that will play soundfonts (those wav sample things). There are a couple good ones. One is called “SFZ” and another is “sfplay.” I think both are on the kvr site. If you go to and download the free version of NSKit free (it’s a soundfont. you’ll need sfz or sfplay), you will be on your way to getting a good drum sound.

Here is how you load it in ntrack. open your midi file. Go to edit. Go to midi. Go to new vst instruments. go to your instrument in the list. It should open it now. You can leave it open, or close it and open it later. then go to the midi channel you want to send to it (the one you want the instrument to play). right click on it. go to “output to” and select “SFZ” or whatever. (If you closed the instrument: go to your mixer. there should now be an “instrument channel.” in the “effects” list, there should be your effect. click on it and open it up.)

now, if you are using soundfonts, then you will need to load them in your player. Otherwise, your instrument won’t have any sounds to trigger. There are also a few little bugs with that, but try to get to this point, and if you have problems, ask.

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Yes, n-Track will convert any number of plugin instrument tracks at once. I see I omitted a step above.

When converting MIDI to wave using n-Track:

1) SOLO the tracks you want to convert into a single wave file (or MUTE the others)
2) Offline mixdown
3) Import the resulting wave file, and mute the MIDI tracks.

When you go to mixdown, N will ask you if you want to use a wizard. DON’T. It’s not a nice wizard! (Well, it’s for one of 3 possible scenarios, and if you’re not careful, you’ll delete your MIDI tracks – something I don’t want to do in case I change my mind.)

You will need to load sfz for each instrument you want it to play. If you’re using the same soundfont for all the instruments (like a GM “kit” soundfont), I think you still need to do this, and you’ll probably want to run sfz in “PR16” mode so that each instance only loads the preset you select.

Quote (learjeff @ Feb. 11 2005,10:03)
If it works using synthfont, then you can do it using n-Track. Just load the same VSTi instrument into n-Track that you used with synthfont, and do "offline mixdown" to render MIDI to wave.

If you're already using n-Track, I see no benefit in using synthfont, since you can do exactly the same thing staying in n-Track. However, if you're "starting from scratch", then synthfont is probably simpler.

Jeff, synthfont dont load a vsti instrument since IT IS a virtual instrument itself. With synfhtont you load the midi file, specify a sf2 and render. No more than this.
With n you need load the midi, load a VSTi soundfont player, assign the midi track to it, assign a soundfont to the vsti,and later render.

Thanks for the correction.

Thnaks for the help…I really appreciate it. When I goto midi to add a vsti i see the instrument and loadit with a specific track highlited. then close the instrument and the effect does not show up[ in the channel strip fx box in fact there it tells me that no vsti is installed yet it shows up in the midi pull down menu ????? huh


in the instrument channel, it isn’t listed in the effects list? odd. you aren’t looking in the midi channel strip are you? What instrument are you using?


Hey Saving edmund don’t worry…I do know most of that stuff but I’m not offended…I have no ego when it comes to my areas of ignorance. I was looking in the mnidi channel strip…should I be looking into the master channel? I’m also thinking I’m confusing myself about the protocal for using vst’s and vsti"s. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between the two and that probably isn’t smart. I think I’ll stick to vst’s for now. help me if I’m wrong here…I just put the vst dll into the vst folder in n-track right? Or do I unzip the whole file into that folder? BTW I was trying to use the “Mr. Ray” vsti.

thanks Cruiser

First, add the plugin instrument using “Track -> MIDI -> Add VSTi instrument”. Highlighting tracks has no effect on this operation. Viewing the mixer (“View -> Mixer”, or just click the mixer toolbar button, and also F3 or something like that), there should be a channel strip for the new instrument at the far right. This is where you’d add FX, control the volume & pan, etc.

Now, click on the MIDI track’s “Properties” button – that’s the MIDI track, not the plugin’s channel. Click on the “Output To” field and a list should appear, and the new plugin MIDI instrument should be on that list. Select it, and after that, your MIDI track is routed to the plugin instrument.

There’s a good “pictutorial” on showing some of this, though doing it in a slightly different way (e.g., without showing the mixer, and using right-click on the MIDI tracks to set “output to”). It’s worth watching. Look for Rendering MIDI to Wav in Audio Minds Tutorials.

They mention setting the “bank”. I’ve never needed to do this with sfz, but I haven’t used ns_kit7 either.


wooo hooo Ok now I see…I wasn’t aware of the separate channel strip for the plug in. Thanks Learjeff…you too saving edmund it’ all good.:smiley:

Quote (learjeff @ Feb. 15 2005,13:12)
They mention setting the "bank". I've never needed to do this with sfz, but I haven't used ns_kit7 either.

Yeah, it is a good idea actually to set all settings in the MIDI channel properties to "none" accept the "output to." Set the "bank," "channel," and "instrument" settings to "none." This is because n-track will send a signal to the midi device (i.e., your vsti), which will interpret it in many odd ways. Sometimes the sound will change to an odd preset or other wierd things will happen. SFZ will do wierd things too. If you use it, change all its channel settings to none as well (leave "instrument," and "bank," as these are from the sf2, not sfz. Sometimes you need to search to find the right bank or instrument.) The best bet is to turn all of these settings in the midi channel off to avoid weird problems.


also, if you import your file from elsewhere (like cakewalk, etc.), delete any extra stuff at the begining of the track that isn’t a note. You do this by going to the “event list.” Extra stuff would be things like “program change” and that kind of thing. A note is pretty obvious.