File made for looping

mixdown down selection

I was trying something new (for me), and wondered if anyone has experience with this…

I was trying to create a loop-able WAV file to be used in a Flash presentation - looping a few bars over and over to keep the file size small. I recorded a MIDI track output to a VSTi, and went to mix down just a few bars of it, e.g. from 6:1:000 to 7:4:999. What I found is that the first note gets cut off even though looking at the timeline it clearly starts inside of bar 6. This happens whether I try to loop it in N or after mixdown in Window Media.

Anyone know why this is happening or how to work around it? I guess I could start the mixdown just a little earlier, say 5:4:900, but then I’m pretty sure this is going to make the timing sound “off” when it loops.

I’m not familiar with the problem you’re describing, but here’s my suggestion for a solution. Mix down more of the song than you need – like you said, maybe start a bar earlier – and then import the mixdown back into n-Track (preferably in a new session). Then use the little boxes on the ends of the wave file to narrow it down to just what you need. Finally, use the Trim command (under the Edit menu), which will make a new wave file containing only what you have. A little extra hassle but I’m pretty sure it will work!