File Management

n-track 3.3

I am experiencing some difficulty with file management on new recording sessions. I create a new folder in n-track and name the selection to be recorded. After recording, I save the information to that folder. Only the sng files goes to the folder and the wav files remain under the general file for n-track. I would appreciate some advice on proper procedure for file management and saving a new recording to the appropriate folder/file.

Save the song file to the new folder before ever recording any tracks. The new tracks should go in the new forlder after that. Always do tha first.

Do Not do what I did last week!!!

We wanted to create some rough tracks as guides for some people. We whipped through about 10 songs in a couple hours, just 1 vocal and one guitar track. We were cruisin’!

After each track we gave it a quick listen and then moved on to the next one by doing File->Save As

When I checked the songs the next day, only the last one had Wav files. The rest only had the Sng file.

Save As moves the wav files to the next folder. Glad I did this on a bunch of scratch files.

After finishing a song and saving it, do File->New

Then do a File->Save As

Otherwise you will have to talk to your wife and say, “About those songs that went so well the other night”…