classic effect

if you want to add a CLASSIC filter sweep to a track without using sometimes expensive and trying many wholely useless VSTs try this -

insert track - open EQ from track fader - when panel opens you will see a green line with three red nodes on it -

start playback, then crab the centre mode and move it upwards and left and rght, you will be soon making that classic effect easily -

at the moment you cannot record or automate the process BUT THIS you can do -

MIXDOWN SONG using MIXDOWN WHILE PLAYING - now make your sweeps and it will be recorded into the mew wave file



Couldn’t you automate it?

If you have a MIDI keyboard you could assign a MIDI controller to that EQ band and record it.

Settings -> MIDI Faders Control set up

Go down to ACTION and set one up for EQ BOOST (how far you boost the signal or cut it)
set one up for EQ Q (how narrow or wide the notch on the curve is)
set one up for EQ FREQUENCY (how far to the left and right you move it)

Or you should be able to go to the DRAW VOLUME ENVELOPES and drop down to EFFECTS PARAMETERS and draw the lines on your track.

Does this work? I might try it.

You could draw an automation for it in parameters too. If the sweep was available.