Final Mix "Bad Attitude"

I have finally got to that stage where I can no longer hear the difference between each mix I do!!

Therefore I figure that means it is as good as it is gonna get.

Thanks for all your input, to this and previous tracks. Please take a listen.

Bad Attitude

Nick C

You know why you think “it is as good as it is gonna get”? Because it is as good as it gets!

I won’t tell you that this is the best song I’ve heard (I’m honest enough to admit that), but I will tell you that this is as good a production on a song as I’ve heard on here. The song is radio-friendly and as good as songs I hear on the radio from people like Jack Johnson and John Mayer.


Ditto what Digitcallous said.


Wow!! - that is a huge compliment. Thankyou.

All I have to do now is write the bst song you’ve ever heard :slight_smile:

I really liked Maybe I and I really like this tune. I’d buy’em both.

Congratulations on your work!


Just listened to a few songs on here and this jumps out as a great song really beautifully played and sung. BUT on our system the production is way too in your face, very very bassy. You could let it be a little more subtle and let a lovely song sell itself.

Excellent work. Deserves to be a hit. Well done. :D

Hi Plum,

Thanks for the compliments. For me, the production & mastering stage is really difficult. Not only am I limited on the quality of my playback system, but I have no expertise in this area. Can you suggest specific EQ parameter modifications that would improve the sonic performance.

Failing that - do you fancy re-mastering it?

Best regards


Sorry about the delay in replying.

I’m almost a complete novice at all of this and have not even got a song mixed down yet so would be the wrong person to advise you on this. I have played with mixes enough to agree with you that it is very difficult to do. I was just commenting on what we heard when we played the song on Saturday (both myself and my wife immediately said it was a great song).

When I started trying to mixdown the first song we did I found the parametric EQ and started playing with that cos it sounded interesting. When I did some reading it was suggested that it’s much better to just adjust the volumes of each of the tracks so that they sit together better. I found this did work better and drew the volume to bring the individual tracks up and down where I wanted. This is really easy in n-Track.

I found this article quite interesting, with a lot of tips.

I think you’re already further ahead of me. Maybe it’s just different rooms/systems/speakers as the article suggests.

Hope this helps in some way.


Thanks for all the comments and support! I really feel that I have made real progress with this track. It really feels the closest to commercial recordings I have done in n-track (whether that is by luck or judgement I’m not sure ) :p

Anyway, the final version now had a piano part which builds up the end of the track nicely I think.

Check it out on myspace:

Bad Attitude

Take care


Even on my crummy internet pc speakers it shouts quality. Very nice. I know sod all about recording 'cept what I’ve found out in the last couple of months but I reckon there’s a point where if you think it sounds right go with it and move on to the next one. Trust your judgement.


i love the tune…and the production is top notch…youll have to share your secret :slight_smile:


just to add my 2 cents nick about when to stop

when you feel fatigued and sick of it…just stop…you did all you could…put it away and not listen to it for a while and put it out there and let others listen to it.

youd be surprised how fresh and satisfying your tune is after taking a leave of absence from it. in my opinion…its good…dont overdo it. :slight_smile:

Ok, where to start. . .

The singing sounds great, Accoustic is very well done, Bass is nice and clean, Percussion is subtle and effective, and the Piano is a nice touch. . . but:

The synth orchestra/strings patch is KILLING ME. . . have you tried individual string instrument arrangement? A soft strings patch under a few well written and layered solo lines can make a world of difference.

It’s a great song, but as a “synth-whore” the contrast of accoustic and synthetic textures just screams at me.


Thanks for the comments. This is an interesting view - as I really like the strings :slight_smile: I guess these things are subjective right? Listening again, they could probably be pushed back in the mix a tad, but as I have said above, I am done with this one!

I have posted this on a fair few forums and I have not had any comments about the strings. But I take note of all these comments and take benifit from them for the next project.

Thanks again.

Wow, excellent work. It sounds great on my system!!!

Thanks Bryan - the comments are really apreciated.

This track has been remixed by a DJ based in Barcelona and it has turned into a fairly successful trace number…

listen to it at:
snr_paul MySpace

take care


Cool! The remix is good too. How did the DJ dude find out about your song.


Not ot jump on the bandwagon way late in the game, but if you were aiming for “commercial” - you surpassed that. :D

This sounds better than a lot of the commercial CDs I listen to. Excellent work.

I hope you’ll leak some of the secrets of your success to the rest of us!