Final Mix "Bad Attitude"

Hi ,

I cannot say enough thanks for the comments - they are humbing indeed.

I posted the track on and the DJ (who is a brilliant talent IMO) asked if he could take the separate tracks and remix! It is actually in a few download charts wordwide as we speak!

The secret of the good sound? That is an interesting point - I do not have any really skill in this production/recording area. I do use a combination of mic & pre-amp that (AKG C1000s and Joe-Meek M3) that whilst are low cost units, seem to be a perfect input channel for my vocals and guitar. From there on it is just mic-positioning nad playing with the M3 optical compression settings until it sounds as good as it can. It would seem in this case that ‘as good as it can’ turned out to be ‘really good’ for most people and that makes me very proud of it.

Thanks again guys - nick