Final Version ?

how much is too much testing?

OK… The beta testers have had version 6 for six weeks.
Hundreds of people with hundreds of combinations of hardware and software configurations, all hammering at N-Tracks.
Reporting every single misstep of the thousands and thousands of programming lines.

A. Flavio has made hundreds, if not thousands, of changes, tweaks, improvements, consolidations and modifications to accomodate every minute complaint, comment or report.

I hope he has a ‘bug’ threshold built into this beta testing.
Even tho he’ll NEVER be able to accomodate every, single version of hardware/software combinations that this software will run on.

I’m just wondering when it will be good enough to actually sell to consumers. Six more weeks? Months?

Like I say, just wondering.

I think he is doing it the right way. When versions are opened up as a paid for program, I believe folks get upset when the program misbehaves. If we will inform Flavio of errors we run into, he will fix them; so, I would guess it’s a matter of when the flow of reported problems slows to a point where he feels he can give people the program in as error free form as possible. I think this open Bata format is a wise move and if we will keep him informed when we have problems, he will fix them.

Most other nTrack betas usually went on the market as a new Version in a couple months after the initial test version. Some sooner.