Finally Done!

Maybe… Please give a listen!

Hey All
After 28 months of working on this CD I think I am finally DONE!!! Part of the time related issue was the fact that we canned 10 completed songs that were done on tape and started over using digital. I know this is asking a lot but please give a listen and give an opinion on the mastering. I tried to do it myself because of the lack of funds to have it professionally done. To put our CD out is going to run us about $1700 through Oasis. I know that mastering it yourself is like doing home dentistry but this is all we can do. All of the mixing and mastering was done in N. :) I would like to hear whether any of you think there is too much high end or if it is too muddy, things like that. Here is a link to the songs. Thanks Guys

All 14 Songs

holy moly. this is incredible. totally worth more than one listen.

put me down for an order! :D


Thanks Isaac
Glad you liked them. I know it is a bunch to listen too but thanks again for taking the time. :)

in all honesty, i haven’t listened to all of the tracks just yet… but from what i heard, this is a great work… i can only imagine the effort involved… everyone involved with this should be very proud…

how are you going to market the disc?..


We will sell probably 100 at gigs, 100 or so through CD baby, give away 300 to friends and the rest go in our sock drawers :D
Truthfully, we have had pretty good luck selling our 1st disc through CD baby, maybe about 250 so far :)

Hey jeromee,

Sounding really nice, man, as always. I remember some of these tracks from some time ago, and I hear some changes so far…

First off, though, I think you’re pretty brave to proclaim proudly that after 2.333 years of work you think you’re finally DONE, then go and throw it out to the wolves to possibly rip it to shreds. Are you nuts??? :) I’m almost afraid to make any suggestions now! :D

Anyway, just started listening to 'em so I’ve got a ways to go, but it’s sounding great so far…




Thanks Tony
Sorry to make it so hard to give a useful critique :D I respect all opinions to this project because as you can tell I have been listening to these too long :) I appreciate everyone taking the time to give a listen. Opinions and suggestions are always a learning experience for me. Thanks again

Hi Jeremy; I just listened to ‘Goin’ Round in Circles’. Two things stuck out - well, one thing out and one in. The snare drum is too loud - it sounds good tonewise, but sits as though it is in front of the drumset. The other thing I heard was that the mandolin solo needs to be louder, or maybe just have a little more treble added so it comes more to the front. Otherwise it sounds great! I look forward to hearing the rest of your stuff after it all DLs…

Good luck with the sales!
'til next time;
tony w

Hey tony w
Thanks for giving a listen! I was wondering about the snare and mando. I always like for the drums to be loud but sometimes I get carried away. After listening for a couple of days on different systems I will have to agree with you. I played the mando and am not great at it so I’m pretty self consious. I tend to keep my instruments turned down a bit. I will do a remix and see how it sounds. Thanks again for taking the time.

I play just enough mandolin to know how much work it would take to really get good on it - and haven’t done it yet! :D I thought the solo sounded fine, just not up front enough - Sing out, Louise! :laugh:

'til next;

HOLY MOLY DUDE!! I totally dig the blue grass thing!! I’m a rocker but i just luv that stuff man! you are kickin sum major A!! As far as hearing anything wrong, i don’t know, maybe a de-esser on the vocals but that’s a minor thing. I wish ya the best! Keep on keepin on man! Can you tell me what you’re runnin through? (interface, audio card, ect).

WOW! Holy cow, those sounds really good. I’ve listened to about half of them. I’m a metalhead too!! :)

Nice work. Congratulations.

Great stuff, very impressive. Sounds very pro.

Yes, alittle info on what you used would be useful.


yup yup yup. u got a nice cd. enjoyed the way u mixed it up.
peace hunter

Hey Guys
Thanks for the + comments. Glad you like them!
Here is my setup…
-Soundtracs solo 24 board (24 channel board that I got on ebay for a screaming deal, $650.00)
-Alesis HD24 recorder (24 track)
Kick-akg d112
Snare top-oktava mk219
snare bottom-akg 535 eb
hi hat-audio tec pro 37r
3 toms all with-cad95’s
overheads-akg 535eb
drums, room mic-Rode nt2 set to omni
left gtr. mesa boogie mk3 into a 60’s fender 212 cab- sm57
right gtr. fender blues deville (4-10’s)- oktava mk219
Bass-direct & 60’s ampeg svt(8-10’s)-rode nt1
Vocals-cad e200/rode nt2&1/stedman n90/rca model 97 ribbon mic.
Everything was tracked live and then vocals & leads were overdubbed.
I dumped the files into the daw with the alesis firewire unit and mixed with N.
Two of the songs were done on a Akai mg1212 tape recorder and brought into the daw with a motu 828 mk11.
The space is a full 25’x50’ basement.
Thanks again for giving a listen

OK. I finally had a chance to listen to everything. I love it all. There are only two things that I might change, personally. There is a harmonica solo in one of the beginnings of the songs (i wrote down the name, but lost it). It seemed a little loud compared to the rest of the song. so, maybe just back off on that a little. The second was the lyrics in Norfleet. Great song, but there are a couple of times throughout the song where it was difficult to be heard what the words were. You can understand them if you go back and listen a couple of times. Other than that, really really good stuff.

This is really good. I’m a bluegrass fan, and this is definately going on my playlist :)

Very impressive!

Smokin music dude! :cool:
Great job!