Finally got the Berry GDI-21

review and samples soon!

After much waiting for back orders and roland law related hi-jinks, I’ve finally got a Behringer V-tone GDI-21. First impressions are favorable, seems robust, lots of different sounds.

Samples to follow, hopefully tonight.


Roland? Looks more like a SansAmp…

yes please, i wouldn’t mind hearing some samples

Quote (Bubbagump @ Nov. 08 2005,22:25)
Roland? Looks more like a SansAmp....

I was thinking the same.

Especially as the Sansamp is a model of a company called 'Tech21'.

The name of that Berry has obviously nothing to to with that ...


Roland? Looks more like a SansAmp…

I was unable to get one locally for quite some time since the only guys who sold Berry in this town are, or at least were, part owned by Roland, who own boss, who berry have ripped the majority of their pedals off. Hence, they couldn’t sell the berry pedals when they already do Boss/Roland.

I agree that it looks like a sansamp, but it was a blanket ban on the berry pedals AFAIUI, and a lawsuit may have been involved since they originally looked very similar to the boss units, but that’s just hearsay.

The shop I casually work for now does berry stuff too now, so I managed to get one through them.


yeah willy, that one has my curiosity up too. please let us hear some samples.