Finally ... I'm on Win 10 ... but ... noises

Hallo everybody.

I’ve recentely installed nt9 x64 on win 10, new pc intel i7, ssh hd, 8 GB ram … no error messages, everything seemed to go fine, daw installation, drivers, plugins etc …

But now when I playback something (wav or virtual instruments) I happen to notice some “clicks” during playback … this noises seem to be absolutely random …

Any suggestion?

My audio device is M-Audio profire lightbridge. Everything worked perfectly in my old intel centrino …




what audio driver are you using (Wasapi, Asio etc.) and what buffering settings? If you’re using Asio (recommended) try increasing the driver buffer size in the Asio control panel.


Check to see if the program has been authorized. If you are running in Demo node the program the program inserts a click. go under the Help menu and make sure the program has been Registered to you.

Thank you all.

@flavio It’s no a matter of buffer size. The noise is still there even when the buffer and the latency is very long

@bax3 Yes the program ha been correctly authorized.

I think it’s a matter of FireWire and intel i7 turbo boost technology …it seems that this random “clip” noise depends on cpu clock speed variation …

Any further suggestion?