Finally - N-Track is the holy grail for me.

I bought this about a month ago and I’m thrilled with how powerful this tool is without all of the bloat and b.s. I’ve struggled with for years with the likes of Cubase and other packages. I’m a guitarist doing solo projects at home and N-Track finally lets me get back to what’s important - making music and I had been distracted from that for far too long. This thing does everything I want. I usually build backing tracks and soundbeds with an arsenal of VST instruments including a lot of the Native Instruments and East-West romplers. N-track hasn’t run out of gas on me yet and some of these plugins are seriously heavy duty. Anyway, glad to be here and hope I can make a contribution. Seems like a tight-knit group of guys here.

Hi bluto:
There’s some “Pretty Heavy Duty n-Trackers” around this Board…

hey like their DAw’s and their n-Tracks and their Music, Big-Time… We’re not sure in what order, it’s in… :O ??? :laugh:

Anyway, don’t get In-Between, Their Likes… :p :D They’ll soon let ya Know… hehe.

O.K. Back ta Mak’in Music…


Hey Bluto,

Welcome aboard. Don’t forget, if all those VSTis do make your computer and/or nTrack groan at the seams a bit, you can always render them as wave files, taking some load off the processor. Similarly for VST effects, the Freeze function does the same thing (you can always unfreeze and freeze again if you want to tweak something)