Finally upgrade to V4 and WinXP


I’ve finally taken the plunge and updated my (rock solid) DAW from V3.3 Win98 to V4 and XP (I have my reasons!).

I have a few issues to sort and I’m working through them but that’s not the point right now…

Finally, I’m able to use my Delta 44’s ASIO drivers instead of the MME drivers I’ve been using for years. Would anybody be good enough to give me a quick overview of the config and use of ASIO in N-track - particularly buffering - ie what’s good and what’s not etc.

Thanks in anticipation.



I use the WDM drivers for the Delta 44 with Windows XP which I find to be as good as the Asio ones and I set them up as follows:

Hope this is useful
Ta John


The main thing to remember is ASIO buffers must be changed via the Deltas control panel. The n-Track buffer settings mean nothing when using ASIO. Just tweak the buffers (may be displayed as latency in ms) in the Delta control panel until you get good performnace. As noted by jm, WDM may work just as well.



Thanks John and TG

My main motivation is to get low latency so I can play VSTi’s with my midi keyboard. I guess WDM would be as good as ASIO. I’ll try them both.

Thanks again.


Is there a reason to use ASIO instead of WDM?

Difference is going to be how well your particular sound card manufacturer wrote teh drivers and how each driver works with your setup.

Some soundcards don’t have a choice between WDM and ASIO, the manufacturer only bothered writing 1 driver.

Some have both options and some will find that 1 works better than the other. Whichever works best for you is the one to use.
Some people with the same soundcard may find ASIO works better for them whilst others will find that WDM works better. Seems to depends on what else is in your PC.

If you don’t have both options though, then it is not much use worrying about which is better.



I run WDM with my 4 track Delta 44 and this appears as 2 stereo inputs and outputs.


Quote (nergle @ Feb. 09 2005,18:31)
I thought WDM was only stereo, whereas Asio can handle multiple i/p's?

But looking at your graphic John, I'm now confused. :(


It depends on how the driver is written Ali. My EMU card has WDM drivers, but only in STEREO so I'm limited to two channels if I use WDM. They say they are working on multi-channel WDM drivers. If I'm not mistaken, The ASIO specification calls for 32 channels input and 32 channels output BUT, ALWAYS as stereo pairs. I don't know if the same "pairing" applies to WDM or not...anybody?

ASIO is arguably more efficient than WDM but you see people on the boards all the time that either see no significant difference or actually get better, more stable performance out of WDM. So I think it really depends on the PC, the Host software and the expertise of the people writing the I/O driver.