drums up and running

after all of my bemoaning my new v-drum set, i finally got it up and running as i had hoped… the track here isn’t great, but i was finally able to separate the pieces… i spent most of my time just playing with the new set, so the performances in the piece have suffered… nonetheless, i think that with a few more experiences, i’ll have fairly good drum tracks…



Sounds like you did have the greatest day :D
The drums do sound really clean and punchy. Is it possible to pan your crashes and drums for a little more stereo image. I’m not much up on this midi stuff. If I can’t get it with a mic, I’m pretty lost :D

thanks jeromee… sadly, when i rendered the midi tracks to wave files, i only used a mono file for each… that was my fault, and not the fault of the technology… if you mentioned it, then i guess it is noticable! :D