Finished our first CD

Heya folks,
Me and the boys just finished and released our first CD 100% recorded on N-Track with a MOTU 828 Mk2. Check it out and let us know what you think:
KAMIKAZE LTD - The Debut Album

Very, very good! :agree:

Excellent work… Is there a CD available? Downloads? I wouldn’t mind slapping this in the ol’ iPod or in my CD changer in the car.


Wow! My regards to the chef. :agree:

Fabulous. Good artwork too. :agree:

Yes, that whole thing deserves several close listens. there is a lot of variety here.

Thanks guys - well I didn’t want to pimp it too hard, but since you asked :D
Digital Downloads:…u=PaPZ6…u=KHnrz
Actual Physical CDs:

As I understand it it’s also available on iTunes

An awesome package there man. Wish you all the best!

If you guys are on Facebook at all, we just set up a fan page last night.
I plan on trying to keep a bit of a running commentary (week to week) as we do work on the follow up.

Also, if I can impose a bit, we could really use some reviews to post on our CD baby site.

Any advice on promotions would be greatly appreciated as well…

had a listen. i dig it when folks aren’t afraid to come up with their own stuff rather than submitting to current trends. that said, ‘drown’ is my favorite. i love the groove that’s set up.

Like your stuff. I gave away my 2 albums. 24 songs, no charge…Oh well, I’m not you. I hope you make some money.

The George Stanley Band.