Finkle is Einhorn, and Einhorn is Finkle!

I felt that it was important to state this fact for the general awareness and betterment of all members, just in case… :)

I’m in Psychoville, and Finkle’s the mayor.

Doesn’t this really belong in the n-Track movie quotes forum?

T. Max Graham

Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 03 2010, 1:45 PM)

I'm in Psychoville, and Finkle's the mayor.

Doesn't this really belong in the n-Track movie quotes forum?

A very close correlation has been demonstrated between the effectiveness of mid-sweeping under parametric equalization and laces being out. You would need to know this to optimize your nTrack experiences.

“Obsess much?”

-my favorite quote from that movie.

To do it right, you really have to tilt your head to the side, then slowly look forward while stretching out the word “obsess” for a few seconds with a pronounced inflection to the voice. I’m still practicing it, myself.
It’s a classic line also because it sounds like a reasonable question, but I’m not sure one can obsess just a little bit.

I decided to move the thread to this section, hope you don’t mind flanders.