Firepod 6 pin versus 4 pin

will an adapter work?

I am looking to buy a Firepod (FP10) to use with my laptop. The Firepod has a 6 pin firewire plug. My laptop has the smaller 4 pin plug. I have an adapter that converts the two. I am told what the extra two pins are for power for things like charging an ipod.

Will the Firepod work correctly when going into the firewire 4 pins on my HP laptop?


It should work fine. You WILL have to use the “wall-wart” power supply for the FirePOD though. You are correct in assuming the extra two pins are for supplying power to external devices. Most laptops do not have the six-pin FW port because of not only the physical size of the port, but the extra current carrying requirements of the six-pin port.

I have the FirePOD’s little brother the FireBOX. It works just fine with every laptop I have plugged it into EXCEPT my Compaq V2508m. Presonus Tech Support worked with me for days trying to get it working but no go… I just use my Dell from work or my wifes laptop for road gigs. So… since Compaq and HP are now one and the same… see if you can get a return if no worky deal!


Firewire standards:
4 pins = data
Extra 2 pins = power for external devices

The 4 pins are all you need and a 6pin-to-4pin cable will work just fine (been using one on my 828mkII for over a year…)