Firestudio + N-track

how to connect?

hi guys i just bought a presonus firestudio, im looking at the manual and it has some pretty easy instructions on how to conect the firestudio to cubase, anyone of you guys can help me to do this with n-track, you know, multiple inputs at the same time with asio and that stuff, any help would be greatly appreciated, i havent hook’ed up to my pc cuz of work, and what im asking could be really easy, but you guys have helped me before, so i come yo you guys again, hopefully sunday i will be playing with this little firewire thingy for the first time.

thanks in advance.



It seems that no one has any specific advice for you. Hopefully this reply will keep your post near the top of the forum where someone may see it.

Hi Daldo
I’m thinking of getting a firepod too - did it all work out ok with setting up in N-track?

Good luck. Check the Presonus Forum for the new “beta” drivers for your FireStudio. Actually connecting it to Ntrack is easy ans the Asio or WDM either will work - if the firewire works properly with your computer. Lots of problems with Presonus not related to Ntrack.

actually it works really well, there is some probles mainly with ATI chipsets based motherboards, most of them dont get along with the firestudio… but just last week i downloaded the drivers and re install them and firestudio is working wonders right now. if you can, buy it just preferly stay away of ati based chipset mobos. good luck, if you buy it and need any help email me or message me ill help you with any questions you may have. also if you want you can hear the results of ntrack and firestudio here… all live tracks where recorded like that.

(keep in mind everything there is in spanish)

good luck.