First attempt at

Hello all,
I’ve just been on this forum a short while, but I’ve learned a bunch from everyone here! Thanks! My 3 piece band has put together an original tune or two, and we’re looking for feedback on them. Here’s a link to the first one outta the can…

Constructive comments welcome…help us make it better!


Nice stuff.
Love the guitar sound.
Hats are a bit too loud I think.
Could use a bit more compression on the vocal and also could use a pop filter.

Well done.


This is promising stuff indeed… - good, catchy tune.

I am adding my personal comments here - these are just to be taken as suggestions.

Try mixing the drums differently: more snare, less hi-hat, more ‘punch’ to the bass drum (try using a limiter on it and suck out everything below 70 Hz with the EQ).

The bass line is quite good but deserves a more prominent place in the mix. Try using a limiter on that, too.

The vocals sounds OK to me, but you could try compressing them a bit and then maybe add subtle vocal harmonies to the choruses - thicken it up a bit and make it come alive.

Overall, the track sounds a bit dark IMHO. A mastering compressor - added when you are satisfied with the whole mix and not a moment before - could make all the difference and really make this song stand out.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. I hope my humble comments will get you going and eventually you will have even better ideas than me. After all, it’s your music, remember?

regards, Nils

Thanks guys…you’re too kind!
Actually all your comments are exactly what I expected, and probably will implement them as I can. We may have to re-record the track, and pay closer attention to the drum sound. We recorded it “live” with just a kick mic, and two overhead condensor mics. all going into one channel. Sounds like we need to isolate the mics, and give us some flexibilty in mixing. Food for thought…
FYI, the guitar “sound” was an early Japanese Cheapie Conrad Bison guitar that I usually use for slide, direct into a SF Champ amp cranked to 10…mic’d with an SM57, and double tracked…made me feel good to have someone appreciate it, it was fun!
Thanks again



it was fun!

Yep, that’s what it’s all about :)