first new song in months

and it’s not much

"it fades away"

first song recorded in months, although i wrote/recorded it just today instead of mixing the other song in the chute. just classical guitar and voices. the 128kbps mp3 compression trashed the sound of the guitar, which is my baby. oh well, it happens. it’s got wierd chords/harmonies, so if something sounds off-kilter, the answer is "yes."
even put chords with these lyrics, and they probably won’t line up here or in soundclick.

it fades away
I John 2:15-17

C9add#4 C9 C9add#4 C9
do not love this world
F#maj7add4 D/F#
it fades away

the things of this world pass

but He remains

all that’s of this world

is not of Him

the Father walks in light

the world dies


Em F Dm(no 3) Dm6 Dm7 Dm(no 3)
it fades away

Cmaj7 Gm/Bb

do not love this world

it fades away

the lust of men will die

but He remains

sinful pride will die

the Father lives

the flesh will burn away

fade away


Amin7add#4 A/F Amin7add#4 A/F - A/D - A/C - A - A/G - A/F


FWIW I’ve always thought that was a really bad piece of theology. I mean - don’t love the world? Now, according to Christian theology (and jewish, and Muslim), God created it, and said repeatedly how good it is. Plus lots of folks through history have used that passage to justify not doing anything about that in the world which is bad. This is John rewriting Jesus’ message in the worst way, and another reason why we should mostly ignore GJohn.

Sorry - that’s not a reaction to the music itself or the recording - you know I think very, very highly of your skills and musicality. But I love this world. And any other attitude seems to me an insult to God.

wow - incredible piece of work jdet. Can I get a wav of that? Pullleeese!
Your chops are showin’! Wish I knew how to translate all the chords I play the way you do. When I play something I like and folks ask me what chord that is I just say an E minor with these two fingers thrown in here.

FWIW I agree with your lyric. This world is not my home! I’m a pilgrim alien in enemy territory.

As for the planet. Well, I love it for now, I know nothing else.
Until I go home.

i forgot to post the link before, but the old-timers know where to go.

also FWIW, ‘don’t love the world’ is more a statement on the lust of the eyes and lust of the heart, as mentioned in the verses. a warning against putting all eggs in a temporal basket. God did say that his creation was good. when i go to the beach, or the desert, i must agree. when we’re together with our excellent friends playing music, eating tacos, whatever, i also agree.

also FWIW, much of the time i don’t relate to this world, i don’t feel part of this world, and i eagerly await what’s next. which is why this passage connects with me.

working on the wave.

wave file at:…1b.html

‘until I go home’.

I like that. I’m not particularly religious, and perhaps thats not the right word, but I relate to that.

Anyway, some CRAZY chords there dude. Clean recording. Good stuff :agree:

the chords are actually much easier to play with the voicings i used than the names might suggest.


I mean - don't love the world?

Depends on what you're looking for in a relationship. She'll show you a really good time, especially if you've got money. She's not real big on commitment though. (Don't think I'd want her raising my kids, anyway.)

She'll show you a really good time, especially if you've got money.

that's why i don't feel i fit in.
pretty simple, really.
it always seems to be something simple.

I’m on my fourth listen, and have yet to notice anything wrong with the harmony. The whole song, unsurprisingly, is beautifully performed. You write good stuff. :agree:

Hmm - I suppose that’s an OK interpreation of the passage, but I’m dead certain that’s not what the author of GJohn meant. ???

i have no idea what guys originally mean. no clue. i just make stuff up that fits my own agenda/personality/tastes. don’t most folks?

reminds me of a ‘family guy’ vignette (paraphrasing):
founding father #1: " ‘the right to bear arms.’ are you sure that can’t be misconstrued?"
founding father #2 (and bill author): “what do you mean? everyone has the right to hang bear arms on the wall, how can that possibly be misconstrued?”

Hmph? I thought it was “bare arms”… Just shows to go ya’… (Where’s my wife beater T’s at?)

Nice tune JDET!


everyone has the right to arm chairs. that’s my view.

in any case, you know how highly i regard your music, JDET! :)

Really impressive songwriting, your voice goes with this great, really good delivery, a simple and quiet power, love the vocal harmony break, 3:10, the stereo drift of the vocals there, did you manually pan it that way or is that with a plugin? The only thing for me is some hiss in the background. But really a brilliant piece. Be proud of it, Good one!

thanks everyone for all the great commentary. much appreciated!

there is background noise. this was hastily done, and my computer has decided it needs to run the fan constantly now. plus children, washing machines, neighbors, fans because it was so hot in the room because of shutting the windows because of the neighbors, all the usual suspects.

stereo drift: there are plugins for that. from the ‘classic’ series, there is one called ‘classic auto-filter,’ which can auto pan, and from the ‘mda’ series, there is ‘round pan’, which is really simple to use as an auto-panner.

well, we’re in the middle of a move. so, back to work.

can’t you find a plugin to do that move for you? :laugh:

as soon as 1-800-got-junk makes something n-track-compatible, i’m all over it. i swear, we should have just called them and had them take everything; started from scratch. i did suggest that, as well as kerosene+fire, but nobody listens to me. :disagree:

guess i’ll go eat worms.

Beautifully put together. :agree:

Ange x