First post

First song

I’ve spent a while browsing through this forum but only just registered to get some advice on my recording.
Are the vocals sounding right in relation to the rest of the music? Putting reverb on them is the only thing I could seem to do to get them to blend.
Is the guitar too tinny? I noticed this but have no idea how to make it better.
Also, apart from the technical issues…what is it like as a song?
I know the format is very simple, It’s something I plan to build on.
I’ve never really had feedback on anything I’ve done before so I really don’t know what im doing right or wrong.
The song doesn’t really sound how I want it to sound in my head either, I’m still trying to learn the basics of recording, there’s more to it than I ever imagined when I first got started.

I know it’s not much to listen to but I want to know everything that is wrong with it really, then I’ll have a good idea on how to improve my next effort.
All comments would be greatly appreciated, I just want to get better.

Thanks :)

Unless I missed something, where’s the link to your tune?

You did not miss it Bubba. It AIN’T there!?!?

Hey Joe? Post a link bud?


Hey Joe (where did I hear that before ?) - you got the X factor :)

Actually, it was there, I just removed it :)

Well anyway, I’ll post a link to a different song (its slightly better I think).

I guess what I posted in my first post still applies to this song, I haven’t really learnt anything new since I started this one (So, have a read of my first post too).

Oh yeh, also, I didn’t use a click track or drums or anything. So, I’m sure this may make the professionals among you cringe. I’m not really going for a ‘professional’ sounding recording though.



Ok, I thought the melodie, and lyrics had potential.

As far as the recording goes…eeek is the only thing that comes to mind.
It sounds like your using a weird flanger effect on the guitar.
Anyway, around 48sec. it goes foul (out of tune).
Than goes in and out for the rest of the song.
It might not be flanger at all just two differently tuned guitars, that together sound like flanger, all be it out of pitch but flanger none the less.
Anyway if you want a less titty sounding guitar, you could set the mic about 3 feet or more from the amp (that’s assuming your using an amp.) You’ll be able to pick up more of the lower freq. at that distance.
There’s also a pitch control effect inside Ntrack, which you should be able to use to make the two guitar tracks sound more right.
Keep workin’ on it, bro, it’s all baby steps until the album is cut! tee hee


Well, there’s nothing out of tune, the ‘stereo flanger’ type thing is a seperate guitar with an effect on it. I guess that doesn’t sound too good then?
I thought it sounded fine when I listened to it.
As for the recording of my guitar, I just plugged it in, but I could try mic’ing it if you think that will help.

About the flanger thing Jeremy was talking about, I’d like a second (maybe third) opinion on that before I remove it…

Thanks for taking the time Jeremy, much appreciated :)

Personally I’d like to hear the song with just the acustic guitar. Like I said I think it has potential, but it’s too hard to make out with that weird other guitar fouling up the hamony between the vocal and the unplugged sounding guitar.
I’m not shure if your aware of this but anytime you add an effect on a guitar (especially flanger) it changes the pitch slightly. Not usually enough to throw a vocal off, but certainly noticable with another cleaner guitar in the mix.
I can kinda tell what your trying to acheive with the effect. But I seems the effect is too muddy, and overbearing in the mix, so the end result is a eeek for me.
Here’s a couple of other thing I can suggest to help out this one.
Try taking the cleaner guitar track, and making a copy of it. Add the effect to the cloned track, and work it back into the mix. (That’s assuming you have the same effect available in a pluggin.)
Without starting and endless debate in Ntrack forum over pre-effect verses softwareFX, let me say this.
It is possible to add the effects during recording with hardware pedals and such. But it’s has alot to do with the mixing board, mic placement, EQ ect, as to if the effect will translate into your computer as you hear it being played.
For example, I prefer using and Ibanez distortion pedal. I was unable to find a plug that produced the kind of crunch I desired. So with much lurking and study, I found the proper way to record my live effect on the old PC.

Good luck,

and keep trackin’



I like your vocals - you’re a good singer. The rest of the song I leave.

I’m going to take out that weird effect then…I’ve listened to it again, and I agree now, it is sort of ‘off’.

Acoustic guitar is recorded by plugging straight into my preamp (StudioProjects VTB-1) straight into my soundcard (Audigy2 Platinum Pro)…
The ‘lead’ guitar over it was plugged into the soundcard via an effects pedal, and the weird effect you were talking about is also plugged in via my effects pedal.

The vocals are recorded using an SM58 into the StudioProjects preamp.

I have tried applying effects to a clean guitar track using the computer before, but I just couldn’t get it to work. It just made weird noises and crashed N-Track everytime I tried to apply them.

I’ll do some more work on it then, and re-post for further critique.

Anything else I need to improve on?

Oh, and thanks Mr Soul, I’m glad there’s a redeeming feature :)

Its all been said but another response of support, loose the flange. Vocal is quite good, I almost always add a little reverb and compression to my vocals, I like chorus too but its easy to overuse.
Nice song too.

I have to agree that if the guitar is not out of tune, then the effects certainly make it appear to be out of tune. Definitely lose the effects on the guitar. I would also bring the vocals more to the front.

I liked your vocal performance a lot; you got it going on. I was trying not to laugh after reading all the comments about the flanger effect. It might work if you had bass and drums in there and mixed the flanger stuff way down. Just a thought. Otherwise good tune!