First song out of the new DAW

First one I’ve comped for mixing ready to ship parts.
All For You.
Amazing performance from the quad cores and sata drives.
Starting to sound like a record to me.

Do you have any other Hillsong covers?

The intro was a bit long and off tempo just sounded odd, if I heard that on the radio I would probably change the channel before the song got going.

the vocal sounds off, can’t quiet put a finger on it, if it’s pitch or reverb trail or speed just doesn’t match the music in some places, sounds detached.


Jeremy, Jeremy… You’re just trying to get me to write a song for ya… ain’t gonna happen.

Um no,

I was giving you my honest critique, if that is not what you were looking for by posting it here my apologies.

IF I were about to ship something I would hope someone would be kind enough to do so for me.


i thouht it sounded excellent
the intro was realy diffrent… the first time i heard it i wondered what was going on but the next time it made perfect sense
is it a cover? i realy liked the guitar tones you used
the singer has a great voice & i thouht the vocal was realy good… the first part did sound sort of muffled before she started singing proper
very professional but maybe the vocal could sound a bit crisper

Thanks Tina - no it’s not a cover. It’s just a rough of all the parts. 40 tracks in total that I had assembled from friends on the net that my old system choked on. The entire project is now possible to be played with my new machine. I’ve likened it to building a beautiful sailboat in the basement then realizing I had no way to get it out. Just parts now mix will shine like a new penny.

I fought the intro at first but finally gave into her. The idea came from her clapping along with the click track before her vocal entrance and when it picked up steam she would stomp and rumble the mic even with my shock mounts. It became one of those “let’s just use THAT” things.

My guitar tones are my old tones I use to use for recording wet from line 6’s PodFarm. Now that I can run PodFarm as a VST with the new machine, all my dry guitar tracks can be manipulated to whatever tone. It’s really been fun. Thanks for the listen.

I will listen directly, but I do have a question - does the VST version of the POD sound as good as the hardware? I know it should be pretty much the same, since it’s all digital anyway, but…

Yep Tom - I even tested it with a guitar track that had takes of wet and dry I had recorded previously through my hardware unit running through the podfarm. I exploded the takes to new tracks, added the vst version to the dry one, selected the same preset, panned them left and right - identical.
I would highly recommend the PodFarm 2 vst. Some folks rank it right up there with Amplitude.

Well, I like the beginning a lot.
You are even more versatile that I suspected, Poppa.
Really nice track. Tell me about the guitar tone. I really like that sound.

I already gave my comments elsewhere. :)

You’re right Pops. It’s starting to sound GREAT! Keep it up! Coming together very well indeed… :agree:


Hey folks, listening now.

Who wrote the song? Curious.

I think you’ve nailed the genre well there Poppa.

Don’t know if I got a bad d/l but there’s a fragment of intro after the outro.

Second listening.

Ok, I’m with Tina on the intro. Makes sense when you listen again.

Drums sound over processed to my ears. But I’m an old fart.

Guitars. Nice. Nailed.

Is the bass panned one side or that just my ears?

Vocals. Jerm may have a point on a couple of pitchy parts but the performance is good so hey.

Key change. Gives a lift at just the right time.

Third listening.

Picky comments. How are the drums done? I’m finding the snare a bit distracting. Snare sound in particular and some of the ghost hits seem unnecessary. Kick sound is nice but again, like at 2:13 I find the kick doing it’s own little fill thing a bit distracting. Being Picky.

Nice job. Not sure I could do this well.


Quote: (Unblown_Jonson @ Jan. 23 2011, 9:22 AM)

I already gave my comments elsewhere. :)

Can we see them?

I heard an earlier version on a different set of speakers Mark. I think Pops tweaked what I either heard or THOUGHT I was hearing. :)


Yea - sent UJ a listen and did an overhaul off his comments.

There are 4 guitars Tom - the lead is (opening up project)

Right on Mark - the drums are programmed in Kontakt - Slate drums - they are destined for replacement as well - nothing like real drums for energy and feel. Elaina - my local fellow worship team member is the writer. She’s got a gift for sure. Some of the tunes on this project are really solid P&W material. I always take performance over all. To me a bad note performed well beats a good one performed badly… but that’s just me. There are two bass tracks done by my friend and most of yours, jdet - so on the intro section where bass begins you hear the left doing 8ths and the right doing an incredible melody phrase then as the verse begins the act as a doubled bass left and right… again this is my first rough and thanks for the listens folks. 'Preciate 'em.

Oh forgot the entrance vocal - she was getting into the take and had not even stepped up to the mic yet. Hope that explains the change when she actually stepped into the mic. I liked the live feel of it so it remains. She had her hands in the air with her back turned to the mic clapping her hands and stomping. :whistle:

That’s a slpendid body of work, Pop. Great performance - she’s goood. I look forward to the Poppa-ized version. That’s a beast of a machine you’ve got - 40trks in a breeze! I’m diggin’ your ‘boat build in the cellar’ analogy - I’m aways doing it - not with 40 quality tracks, of course, more like 20 of over complicated ineptitude.

Thanks many many for that screen shot, Tommy. What’s going on with the delay? Anyway, really nice sound. I also agree, she has a LOT of talent.

ahh you’ll like that

not sure if I tweeked it or not though. Adds dimension and movement - good for some mixes - distraction for others

Yeah, I was trying to figure out the other 4 taps.
I’ll go look.

Anyway, it’s all really discouraging, in a very good way - I do everything I’m supposed to and I’ve tried a whole bunch of things I’m not supposed to, and in the end it never sounds as good as my old reel to reel recordings, but so many folks I hear here and elsewhere get such great sounds and stuff.
I’m convinced that my ears and brain just don’t do this stuff very well.
Well, at least I will never run out of stuff to do.
??? that was a lot of instances of “stuff.”

That’s ok … I wrote a text today that had 4 there’s 2 they’res and 3 theirs in it. For instance.

Time spent in the plugins listening to presets is good along with seeing which parameter changes where to what. So you’re doing it right. Takes time. And you being a speed freak at recording…