First Song Post

Experimental METAL

Let me know what you think.




doesnt sound like a first at all, it’s too good! You must mean first post on this forum. Post this one on the ultimateGuitar forum and you’ll rule!
Its tight, clear, good levels, good playing ability, I think it’s original, right? I’m assuming that it is all you, not a pre-recorded backing track.
Very impressive!

Hey, Thanks for the compliments PickNGrin! Yes, the first post on this forum. What is the ultimateGuitar forum? I’ll have to check that out.

Yes it’s original, i programmed the drums in FruityLoops, and recorded all the guitar/bass parts using N-Track and a Line6 POD 2.0.

Thanks again! I’ll try to post others here in the future.



It’s like Metallica meets Primus.

Everthing seem to flow nicely.
It kept my interest all the way through, which is a acheivement for any instumental.

Great tone on the guitars, and arrangement of loops.

I like the way you teeked fruity loops to sound more natural and this was a good comp IMHO.

the drums sound a little buried to me. man I dig the bass! Put together really nice. good job bro.

You can post recordings at Go to the forums and post in riffs and recordings, under either “covers” or “originals” which ever applies.
Read the rules-the moderators are not flexible, and keep in mind its a lot of kids over there, beginners.

hey caxn,

i don’t have the technical prowess to comment on mix or anything like that; all i can say is that this is very cool and fun to listen to.

Good work and keep on jammin’


Quote (caxn @ Jan. 27 2005,08:40)
Let me know what you think.




??? My Webpage

What’s that wee bone? Looks like you tried to put in a link?

Very cool - gimme more drums though. The the guitars seem to drown out the drums in the louder passages. Other than that…

“Ya nailed it!”