First Song Posting...

Hi all.
I’m a small business owner from Sheffield, UK and I’ve rediscovered my love for music…
This is the first tune I’ve both written and recorded using nTrack and it probably ain’t everyones cup of tea, but it’s just a tune I had to get off my chest.
It sounds better on headphones, and for some reason the mp3 I uploaded sounds much clearer than the one they play…

Entitled "Who I Am"

Please be gentle… :D


I really like it Craig. Love the chord changes, melody instrumentation was just to my taste. The acoustic lead was cold water on a hot day man - I like your style. Hope there’s more in there. I longed to hear you hit a vocal slide an octave up at the end … who I a…am. I’m being gentle here… I’d like to hear a remix and soften or mute the drums till … about 30 seconds in - that’s the way I’d build it a little - but the way it is is great. :agree:

I just downloaded it - you’re on my ipod now…

Phew…thanks for that Poppa…
Quite nerve racking to put your soul up for all to see for the first time. Good comments to bear in mind and I like the idea of the drum mute early on.


Well done Craig, first time is always a bit nerve wracking!

I agree with Poppa’s comments.

Anyway, welcome aboard, hope to hear more from you.


Poppa’s right, leave out the drums at the start and give them a dramatic entry right at the transition at 30, so it’s just you and the acoustic at the begining. I agree 100% about mp3s. They don’t call it “lossy” for no reason.

the first time is nerve-wracking, that is true.
I like it too, myself.
Nicely done mellow sound. As far as structure and develoment, I like to hear what other people’s ideas are, and I tend to refrain from comment since I view those things differently than most and I don’t want to ruin those ideas with comments that only elicit “huh?”.


I like it! Good song and good job on the recording. Good vocals!!

Congratulations on your first effort. I’ve written several songs, but have yet to get any of them recorded satisfactorily for posting.

Thanks for sharing,


Hey, Craig, post some more.

Great first effort! Would you be open to posting how you recording everything (particularly the mic’d stuff?)

Good groove, lyrics are raw (which is a compliment). The drum kit maybe overkill (substitute percussion, maybe?) I like Poppa’s idea about waiting.

Overall, a really nice first effort! Post more! :agree:

Thanks for the comments everyone.
I’ll record some more stuff and pop it on, but have to snatch treasured moments to sneak off and record, making songs far and few between. Other things I’ve done tend to have the odd bum note or odd structures in my eagerness to just get the song down.

Billythecat, then only mic’d stuff is vocals and accoustic guitar. Literally sat with the mic in my hand for vox and just in front of my accoustic on its stand. After that…onto wavepad for sync issues, noise reduction, amplification, eq, compression…and the rest!
Drums are a sample from the net, bass is from my keyboard, as is piano and other percussion.

Nice melody. Lyrics/vocals kinda Beatlesy (always a good thing).
I hear ya on that mp3 thing- frustrating…

A few more tunes here:

Sound quality is oddly much better on soundclick.

One or two are works in progress and production is a bit sloppy, but I just needed to get something down and out of my system for a while…

Cool. I go listen.

Paul Weller, eh? Yep.

Wow Craig - Wait and See is shades of Badfinger revisited…

You are singing very well man, and your writing is impressive.

Part of History has a great feel too - well done!

Still hoping to get that CD from you soon on Who I Am…

I’m gonna try to do a solo on Part of History to send you. You can paste it in around 1:22 :laugh:

Hey Tommy, thanks!

Second verse on wait and see, I was really struggling and kept coughing in between singing…

CD should be with you any day now…and bring that solo on!!

I totally concur with Poppa, that is great, great stuff. Yes I can hear the Beatles in there, e.g., in Just Wait and See. Jeez, and you actually stopped doing music! :agree:

Somethin’ ain’t it Tom - I was going to surprise everyone with a remix of his tune “Who I Am” - I talked him into sending it to me on CD from ‘cross the pond - I’ve been really looking forward to mixin’ it. What a talent. And I get to play with it! What a deal. I’m stoked.

wow thanks for that!

Just wish I wasn’t so busy with work, and I could record more and maybe even get to listen more!!
Poppa…don’t think you’ll be that impressed when you get the actual files…they seem to hide each others’ faults when mixed together…