First song with V5

a little different for me

This is pretty different from anything I’ve done before - shaking it up style-wise just for fun. I couldn’t even decide what genre this is.

Also tried out some of the new N5 features. Freamp2 is used in this song.

Comments/suggestions welcome.

"Fourth Cup of Latte"

Strange thing happened to me posting this song. It had been quite a while since I used Soundclicks, and I forgot that my free account made me upload as a 128k MP3. I never realized what a difference that makes in the quality of the audio until now. It sounded OK at 256. Wow… I’d hate to even click on the lo-fi link.

This is a cool song with a great feel to it. What genre? Not sure either but there used to be a great UK band called Squeeze that had the same kind of feel.
Nice song, like the lyrics,
Good work,

Hi Gents:
Listening to lo-fi files is something like seeing through the eyes of a dog… Maybe… But, when you only have a dial-up and modem, you try to imagine listening to the song by blocking out the spaces you hear in the file…


The lo-fi file streams very well with my modem… Thank you for the link… There used to be an Australian Duo that used to post up here, that recorded and mixed those flavors…


"Steamed milk and whipped cream to increase my esteem"
That’s a great line!

My foot was tapping away to this one and it sounded a lot shorter than it was.
Always a good sign.

I agree with Bruffie, the song certainly has a little “Squeeze” in it.

I prefer to encode my songs as .wma files.
I think (given the same bitrate) they sound better than .mp3
Mind you, I’ve never done a blind test…


Thanks for the compliments! I thought I hadn’t heard of Squeeze before but when I searched them out it turns out I did know their big hit ‘Tempted’.

I don’t think soundclicks allows uploading of WMA files - only MP3s. I’m not necessarily bent on using soundclicks. Any other suggestions for hosting that might accept WMA files?

Hi HotDogWater:
Lycos/Angelfire over in the UK will allow most of the extensions to be loaded… If you register, you should be able to get 50 meg. , I think… 20 meg. for sure, at no charge… A lot of these Free storage sites only allow certain file extensions to be loaded …